Brigantine’s Phil Guenther to Lay off 40 Teachers Aides.

Philip Guenther

Parents and staff are protesting Phil Guenthers plan to privatize the services of personal aides assigned to students. Brigantine’s Guenther informed 40 aides they’ll be laid off as of June 30.

Surprised? Don’t be. This downsizing isn’t happening inside the bloated Brigantine School district. Rather, School Superintendent Guenther, NOT Mayor Guenther, is sending 40 aides packin’ at his Atlantic County Special Services School where he’s in charge.

Guenther also is superintendent at the Atlantic County Institute of Technology (ACIT) School in Mays Landing.

It’s a fact. Phil Guenther can make unpopular decisions and hand out pink slips. He just doesn’t use those skills here in Brigantine, where employee count expanded by a whopping 20, from 2015 to 2016. More jobs = more votes.

EXAMPLE of Brigantine Mayor; Phil Guenther, poor management:

  • Brigantine taxpayers are laying out $24,353 annually for each Brigantine School district pupil.
  • Atlantic City: $26,634.

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Janet Naccarato

40 aides sent packing!!! Guess you guys think. Governor Christy has some good plans too!


Being an educator for 35 years I have NEVER seen 40 aides in a school district let alone in only an elementary and middle school. Only in Brigantine does the mayor think he has full reign over the taxpayers’ money and virtually throws fuel over our hard earned cash then tosses a match on it


He needs to get rid of the fat in Brigantine – police, fire, teachers, aides, and other govt. workers!