Brigantine’s Rod & Reel Liquor License Auctioned Off

An iconic Brigantine landmark; the Rod and Reel Tavern, had a vital organ removed from it’s storm battered body this past Wednesday, May 1. The Rod’s liquor license was auctioned off by the NJ State of New Jersey Division of Taxation. Unpaid taxes on the property was the culprit here.

Three bidders were salivating for the valuable license; Brigantine councilman & liquor licence connoisseur; Tony Pullella, Laguna Grill’s Rip Reynolds, and the dynamic development duo of Mike Snyder and Jack Scheurich.

Bids started at $50,000. The highest bid of $145,000 came from Team Snyder / Scheurich.  A 25% minimum was due right after the auction. The balance had to be paid to the state by May 2nd, at 12 noon.

Until used again, this will be known a ‘pocket license’. New Jersey ABC law allows a liquor license to be held “in pocket” for a limited period of time. The term “in pocket” means that the liquor license is not being actually used, but can be sold or transferred to a different location for later use within a particular municipality.

While a vital organ was ripped out, the spirit and soul of Brigantine’s Rod and Reel tavern will never die.

Snyder and Scheurich have not announced any immediate plans for the license use. Still no word on the other license they recently acquired via their purchase of the old Steak 38 building.

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12 thoughts on “Brigantine’s Rod & Reel Liquor License Auctioned Off”

  1. Rebuild it!!! Keep as a not so fancy sports tavern. Outside patio with little marina.

    Sincerely Rods bartender who lost job due to Sandy.

    1. Barbara wilson

      I second Tonys idea. I’m a yearly summer patron and 23rd street granddaughter of 44yr resident. I take grandma every summer.

    2. Some people are just so silly. Oh yeah just build a deck/ patio!! Never thought of that??!!## maybe if workers don’t give the house away to their under age girl friend and then some! Just saying

  2. Tony’s idea is the perfect one. The Rod was the place for all regular locals. Our weekly stops at the Rod seems like a hole in my heart now. Hope to see you behind the bar soon Tony.

  3. It was always a favorite retreat, both for dinner or late night RNR. Please rebuild in this spot! It has so much love and potential. It would be in someone’s best interest to invest in the North end of the island…always the gem!

  4. Its too bad the people that developed “The Cove” didn’t put the money into rebuilding the “Rod & Reel” It could be developed into a beautiful waterfront restaurant with docking. The last few owners had no imagination or enough money to development it properly. As to the “Cove” they shot and missed. The menu is bad, the prices high and the restaurant area has the ambiance of a gym.

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