Brigantine’s Seagull Motel To Become Four, Single Family Homes.

Brigantine Seagull Motel
Seagull Motel

After years of in-fighting, court battles, tax liens and questionable behavior by Brigantine insiders, the abandoned Seagull Motel will soon be torn down to make way for ocean front homes.

Alison Paul Builders will take charge of the project. Tony Sentor of REMAX is the listing agent.

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5 thoughts on “Brigantine’s Seagull Motel To Become Four, Single Family Homes.”

    1. Seems like you are describing the late Sally Schiersted (spell?) as a victim. I lived there an entire year in the mid-nineties, and that lady made my life a living hell. I don’t know the commenter here, but I am FAR from alone in my thoughts. Sorry, but yes, I am talking ill will about the dead. I do wish her peace, of course.

    2. Sally was very nice to me. She was a tough single woman who was trying to do something with the Seagull . Brigantine should have helped her not hindered her. This makes me sad as well.

  1. This would have been a perfect spot to rebuild a brand new hotel building offering units to guests who want to spend a weekend. Brigantine is the hardest sea shore island to find a place to vacation or spend a weekend for that matter. I sure do miss the old days when I was a kid and my family vacationed on the island.

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