Brigantine’s Shark Park Needs TLC

Built in 1999 via donations by local supporters, Brigantine’s popular Shark Park has seen better days. It needs some TLC, tender loving care. Our recent visit to the once spectacular playground was a real eye opener.

While a handful of happy kids seemed to ignore the broken or missing parts of the park, we couldn’t help but notice the lack of basic maintenance and upkeep. Some areas of Shark Park seemed downright dangerous. (exposed screws, broken wood)

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3 thoughts on “Brigantine’s Shark Park Needs TLC”

  1. Routine maintenance and upkeep are one thing, but the real problem with Shark Park is the plethora of pre-teens/teenagers that make the playground their hangout. Witnessed many times, these older kids do nothing, but climb where they shouldn’t climb, mishandle and ultimately destroy certain parts of the park like you see in the photos above, and worst of all, their foul-mouthed ways and rude demeanor make it a place where parents, such as myself, wish not to have their young children be within ear shot of. Maybe if these individuals were taught to respect the nice things that their hometown offers them and to respect others as well, this problem would abate and Public Works could focus on other routine duties around our beautiful town.

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