Brigantine Appoints Abandoned Property Czar

According to the Beachcomber News, Brigantine Construction Official Rich Stevens was appointed as a public officer (czar) to be responsible for the “maintenance of abandoned property list”. In other local news…

Looks like a fee hike for 4×4 permits. Second homeowners might pay more? A $160 fee was charged for early bird permits. A new ordinance proposes to raise fees to $175 early bird and $250 after May 1.  But Council changed their mind. They prefer a tiny bump of ten bucks to $170 from December to May 1. This provides some assistance full time residents, as discussed at the recent council meeting. (see video)

4×4 permit prices may jump to $200 after May 1 when most second home owners will likely buy a permit. Still no word on when the city will allow online purchase of 4×4 permits. The public can comment before the vote, at the next council meeting on NOV 6.

Council introduced bond ordinance to spend $1,465,000 to cover 2013 tax revenue losses. 

Council introduced Ordinance  to spend “special emergency appropriation” of $588,385 to pay retirement & severance benefits to liabilities for retiring city employees.”

Debate between members of council and City Manager Jennifer Blumenthal bubble up over the proposed Professional Service Contract to hire Jim Rutala and Associates as a planner.

The next city council meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 6 in council chambers at City Hall.

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1 thought on “Brigantine Appoints Abandoned Property Czar”

  1. I hope the city takes time to look at their own property. The fence surrounding the gas pumps at 38th st. is an eyesore. Clean up your own house before you criticize others!

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