Brigantine History Museum Now Open Daily

Brigantine Historical Society president; Andy Solari, reminded us that it’s the 20 year anniversary of the Brigantine Museum. Andy also is happy to announce that this must see destination… is now open 7 days a week until Labor Day. Click thru for pics and video tour.

This year, the museum will display the history of Brigantine surfing. You’ll see surf boards manufactured by local surf board makers like Win Bowen, wood surf boards of the early 60s, followed by Larry Sarner’s Brigantine Surf Boards and the Manera Board built by Nick Manera.

Old photos and memorabilia of local surfers are also on display. On sale at the museum are replicas of Larry Sarner’s Brigantine Surf Board T-shirts from 1967.  [SlideDeck2 id=6439]

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