Building Up Brigantine Dune System With Christmas Trees

brigantine dune christmas tree dune
Building Dunes….Naturally.

Soon after Christmas, the Brigantine Department of Public Works encourages residents to drop off their discarded holiday trees to be used to build dunes. A great idea that saves money and the environment.

Brigantine has been building Christmas tree dunes for over 25 years.

Workers lay the dry trees lengthwise to help catch sand and establish another level of dune protection.

Each year, Brigantine Public Works decides where to build a tree dune, based on need.

Discarded christmas trees act like snow fences. They catch the wind blown sand.

This Brigantine tree dune system is more cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Much better than dredging, pumping and bulldozing man-made sand berms… like they do in Margate and Atlantic City.

Brigantine receives hundreds of trees each year for the project.

The tree helps stabilize dune growth. It eventually deteriorates under the sand and becomes fertilizer. This process feeds & nourishes dune grass.

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2 thoughts on “Building Up Brigantine Dune System With Christmas Trees”

  1. Maybe you could also use the dead vegetation the privileged just mowed down from their ocean views. Or did that just go to a landfill since acua wasn’t picking up yard waste yet when that happened.?

  2. The Dead XMas tree idea really doesn’t build up a dune. Living Dune grass does by rooting a dune to the beach and growing up through it as it grows. Dead trees at best add some organics at worst in big storms just become debris. Better to chop them up and add them to a compost heap.

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