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We are in need of a new Bulkhead.

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I have a property in Avalon NJ. We are in need of a new Bulkhead, as The concret next to the bulkhead has sunk and one block has completely fallin into itselft, as the high and low tides has underminder the area under the concrete.. We are just 2 owners in this association. They are refusing to make this repairs. So. I have withheld my share of the insurance ($1500.00) in order to pay for either a repair, ($3000.00) or to get the permint to replace the 50 ft. of bulkhead . Permit ($3000.00) replacement (50,000.) I do not owe a mortgage as the other owner does have a mortgage. I know that they will be force to have insurance in place as long as there is a mortgage.I am mot trying to be mean. I just want to protect my house. but this issue of the bulkhead has been going on for $5 years. it is now to the point, where I fear that the house could slide into the bay. This has happen in this town. What should I do. I have notified the township, but there hands are tied.


Submitted: 2 years ago.
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Richard - Bizlaw
Expert:  Richard – Bizlaw replied 2 years ago.

Is the bulkhead part of the common space? Is there a declaration or some other document that governs the association that addresses this issue? What does the insurance that you contribute to cover? If you do not pay the insurance does your home remain insured?

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