Can Brigantine Beach Take Advantage of New Waterpark?

Brigantine Diving Horse Resort
Diving Horse Resort

By Summer of 2014…Brigantine residents, visitors & business owners should benefit from a massive new project being built right across the bridge. Can Brigantine leverage that opportunity? Click through for TV report.

Final plans are in place for a new resort complex, just 2 minutes from Brigantine Beach. The land right across from Borgata Casino in Atlantic City will be home to a 31-story hotel and year-round water park.

It will be a kid and family friendly destination and will have NO GAMING. The Diving Horse Resort & Waterpark is scheduled to launch by Summer of 2014, and will be built to look like a ship’s sail.

The developers originally planned to build a casino on that Marina District plot, but due the economy and over-saturation of the gambling market, they decided to go for a more family focused attraction.

Will Brigantine have a plan in place to take advantage of this massive… kid, teen and family magnet? We hope new blood in the Brigantine Chamber of Commerce will be in place to lead the charge.

Watch this NBC TV-40 video report from Spring 2012.

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