Can Brigantine Handle Growing Pension Payouts?

2nd Homeowners Pay 75% of Bills.

Brigantine residents recently learned that another Police Chief will soon retire from that position, after barely 2 years on the job.

Why does Brigantine have a revolving door of Chiefs? This has been going on for quite some time. Could it be way to pump up Brigantine pension payouts? We hope not.

Brigantine 2nd homeowners should know just how much they’re paying for municipal employee compensation, including pensions.

Brigantine Pension Payouts

NameSalaryPayout per mth
MARRANDINO, DTeach$136,439$8,850
REED, TIMPolice & Fire$144,500$8,008
BENNETT, JPolice & Fire$143,648$7,881
WEIDNER, APolice & Fire$142,344$7,878
STONE, JPolice & Fire$144,532$7,829
FRUGOLI, JPolice & Fire$139,904$7,578
GORDY, ARTPolice & Fire$125,874$7,382
CWIKLINSKI, SPolice & Fire$125,874$7,356
FRUGOLI, JAMESPolice & Fire$131,084$7,355
COX, RAYMONDPolice & Fire$135,500$7,340
REED, PATRICKPolice & Fire$129,504$7,132
BORDONARO, TPolice & Fire$129,484$7,131
REYNOLDS, JPolice & Fire$116,083$6,772
CHIAROLANZA, JPolice & Fire$114,072$6,562
MAYER, WPolice & Fire$111,236$6,489
HINGSTON, CPolice & Fire$118,497$6,419
JACKSON, DPolice & Fire$115,969$6,362
LAVIGNA, JPolice & Fire$116,332$6,342
REGANATO, RPolice & Fire$115,986$6,283
DORAN, JEFFPolice & Fire$102,560$6,092
REED, MAURICEPolice & Fire$105,728$6,079
FLANAGAN, JPolice & Fire$103,532$6,072
RILEY, RPolice & Fire$102,516$5,980
HOLL, JPolice & Fire$141,236$5,885
FERRIS, WPolice & Fire$91,981$5,789
SOOY, ROBERTPolice & Fire$102,516$5,688
LEMENAGER, MPolice & Fire$104,156$5,649
WILKINS, GUYPolice & Fire$85,200$5,627
BOYER, CHARLPolice & Fire$85,200$5,508
DURRANT, PPolice & Fire$95,652$5,364
FREI, STEVENPolice & Fire$94,324$5,354
ONEILL, SEANPolice & Fire$98,124$5,349
CARBERRY, THOMPolice & Fire$96,444$5,244
GRENTZ, THOMASPolice & Fire$101,816$5,182
PLATT, DARRYL EPolice & Fire$74,044$5,042
MATTHEWS, TPolice & Fire$77,252$5,005
MCKENNA, FRANCPolice & Fire$86,140$4,997
GARRATY, CHRISPolice & Fire$82,876$4,904
PURDY, ERNESTPublic Emp$114,380$4,790
CAPRARA, CHRIPolice & Fire$80,782$4,780
BEW, GORDONPolice & Fire$71,664$4,489
MASON, JOSEPHPolice Fire$73,948$4,448
COOKER, THOMPolice Fire$73,658$4,376
DAVIS, JAMESPolice Fire$70,797$4,358
PETTI, MARKPolice Fire$70,577$4,344
CORCORAN, JOHNPolice Fire$72,052$4,334
WESTCOTT, ERNPolice Fire$60,713$4,288
GIACOMO, JOSEPH Police Fire$60,713$4,288
HARVEY, ROBERTPolice Fire$68,367$4,283
SIMON, ROBERTPolice Fire$69,293$4,265
SIMPSON, WILLPolice Fire$101,888$4,245
DORAN, KEVINPolice & Fire$71,540$4,234
MERCER, ROBERTPolice Fire$68,124$4,203
MCKENNA, DENPublic Emp$69,848$3,863
FLICKINGER, TPolice Fire$87,576$3,825
MANDARINE, SPolice Fire$61,992$3,825
SMITH, MICHAELPolice Fire$63,032$3,792
SPINA, RALPHPolice Fire$61,060$3,759
NUGENT, RICHPolice Fire$57,548$3,605
CUSACK, JAMESPolice & Fire$55,077$3,556
PERSSON, JANPolice Fire$57,160$3,518
BYRNES, JOHNPolice Fire$73,899$3,364
LAKES, HAROLDPublic Emp$64,014$3,344
DANENHOWER, MPublic Emp$75,849$3,224
OBRIEN, WILLPolice Fire$63,544$3,177
EAFRATI, DIANAPublic Emp$81,292$3,151
DIBENEDETTO, CPolice Fire$54,734$3,082
BROWN, EDPolice Fire$92,308$3,077
PHILLIPS, PPublic Emp$56,675$2,934
GORDY, KIMPublic Emp$69,600$2,782
KERLEY, CHARLPolice Fire$58,061$2,725
CUSACK, JAMESPolice Fire$55,077$2,715

The problem of un-checked, City Hall leadership is amplified when there’s so few voters. It’s only gonna get worse as full-time residency in Brigantine continues to decline.

Shrinking pool of Brigantine voters are motivated to keep the status quo. Why not let non-voting, 2nd homeowners, pay most of the freight?

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