Can Brigantine Trust Real Estate Sites Like Trulia?

Brigantine Real Estate
Brigantine Real Estate

Can Brigantine trust those nasty Real Estate numbers on Trulia? Some Realtors adamantly claim they’re not accurate. Some of these very same Realtors actually advertise on

Brigantine home sellers have been on a 10 year roller coaster ride. After years of upswing, it’s been very bumpy as of late. We struggle, even though Brigantine is one of the nicest and most undervalued towns along the Jersey shore.

According to Trulia, the popular online Real Estate site, the median sales price for homes in ZIP code 08203 in Brigantine from Oct 15 to Dec 15 was $215,700 based on 8 sales.

Compared to one year ago, Brigantine median sales prices decreased 33.8%, or $110,300. The number of home sales decreased 83%.

As of Jan 5, 2016, there are 559 resale and new homes in ZIP code 08203 on Trulia, including 2 open houses, as well as 93 homes in the pre-foreclosure, auction, or bank-owned stages of the foreclosure process.

Award winning beaches, clean streets, great location, large lots and family friendly. Brigantine really is a great town, no matter what the numbers says.

Brigantine Real Estate Update Trulia
Brigantine Real Estate Update


So what’s holding back the Real Estate rebound of Brigantine Beach? To be sure, casino closings in Atlantic City and the after-effects of Hurricane Sandy have played a big role. But as each year passes, that excuse for not finally getting our Real Estate act together… is getting old. Real old.

Until Brigantine can right-size City Hall and stop the ‘scams’, Real Estate will ‘continue to struggle’, says local Real Estate agent; Bob McClay.

Other critical issues holding back a Brigantine Real Estate revival:

  • Brigantine has one of the highest paid public employee staffs in New Jersey (some employees cost taxpayers close to $200k in total compensation per year)
  • Two schools with fast declining enrollment, in need of obvious consolidation
  • Mayor controls school board, which spends 30% (!) of total taxpayer dollars
  • 30+ empty retail storefronts. Mayor’s brother-in-law is municipal business license & building enforcement officer.
  • Termination of Police Blotter. Brigantine Police Chief Reed no longer shares local crime reports & stats. See recent Brigantine break-in video not reported to public.
  • Chief Reed Says NO to Police vehicle dashboard cams & body cams.
  • Termination by Chief Reed, of on-demand web viewing of Brigantine City Council meetings for 2nd home-owners
  • Brigantine Links Golf Course runs at a $400,000 loss per year.
  • See Brigantine Back-Room Golf Course Deal Here
  • City declined Ron Jaworski’s offer to manage ‘Links Golf Course’. Jaworski Golf Management is BEST in the business.
  • City gives control of golf course, cash and other subsidies for running club house, pro shop, food & bev and liquor license to Mike ‘Mad Dog’ Morgan and a questionable entity in Florida called Meadowbrook Golf, run by Ron E. Jackson.
  • $4mil+ in un-funded Brigantine employee pension liability
  • Shut-down of Brigantine Tourism & Marketing department by past city manager / public safety director; Jim Barber
  • Cancellation of popular events: 4 x 4 Beach Parade, Easter Egg Beach Hunt, and a promising Blues & Brews Music Festival.
  • No representation of Brigantine’s largest taxpayer base: 2nd home-owners who make up 75% of town.
  • Non-compliant accounting & financial oversight of key city organizations

Councilwoman McClay said a recent Brigantine Financial Audit Report showed that there was no general ledger as late as 2012. The auditor recommended that the City develop one. It’s unknown if Brigantine had a qualified & compliant ledger for 2013 thru 2015. 

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4 thoughts on “Can Brigantine Trust Real Estate Sites Like Trulia?”

  1. Zillow is also an “OFFENDER” of accurate internet pricing for Brigantine Real Estate. It is disgusting. We want OUT but are already $300k under our purchase prices on our properties. We cannot handle this hit
    The mis-management, corruption and over-spending on City employee salaries/ benefits and pensions coupled with “job performance” on the beautiful Island of Brigantine DIRTIES the place. We just want to go where the scum is not readily visible on the surface. sad, very sad

  2. Try to get an honest response from a Brigantine realtor but the numbers loaded into, trulia, Zillow and the like are uploaded every 48 hours directly from the agents database. Was a realtor and know this first hand

  3. You can’t always trust the numbers especially when it comes to real estate. Trust no one when you are buying or selling. Do your own homework, and don’t rely on others especially when their making money..

  4. The town should conduct a tourism inventory, and also look to the other areas to see what they offer so when people come to visit they know where to go and how to enjoy time with their families. Tourism does not care about the local politics, most towns have that problem and allow politics to get involved in tourism. People coming to visit they want to explore, and nearby attractions and services can be leveraged to improve visitors’ experiences in your town. Tourism development starts with quality information which I can see you are trying to do. But how less negativity. Be positive..

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