Finally. Brigantine will have a candidates forum moderated by an impartial 3rd party. On Saturday, October 25, from 10 til noon inside the Community Center, City Council candidates will take questions from concerned citizens, taxpayers and local business owners. This ‘not to be missed’ event is sponsored by the Brigantine Taxpayers Association and will be moderated by the New Jersey League of Women Voters.

This CANDIDATES FORUM is a public meeting and is open to all. Come hear and question the candidates in a very rare setting and circumstance.

  • The forum will feature the candidates for Mayor; 22 year incumbent; Phil Guenther (R) vs. his challenger / co-council person; Lisa McClay (D).
  • The Council At-Large seats will be fought over by incumbents Frank Kern (D) and Andy Simpson (R).
  • Newcomers Robert Polillo (D) and Vince Sera (R) will duke it out for the Council-At-Large seats as well.

Here’s how it works. All candidates have been informed of the League’s rules and format. Each candidate will make brief opening and closing statements. The rest of the meeting consists of the audience’s questions and the candidates’ answers and rebuttals. The League conducts and controls the meeting according to its impartial, orderly and effective procedures. The emphasis is on the issues in the election.

Most importantly….. there are no pre-selected / filtered questions, similar to those past Chamber of Commerce sponsored debates.

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1 thought on “CANDIDATES FORUM”

  1. Will this forum be live streamed? Video recorded? Voice recorded?
    If not will anyone be notating and reporting on the Q and A?

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