Cellar 32 in Brigantine Reaching New Heights

Brigantine Cellar 32
Cellar 32

Costing about $2 million, The Cellar 32’s first floor offers a cozy, warm feeling, 40-seat bar with granite top, flat-screen televisions and leather stools surrounded by a dining room that boasts mosaic tiles, copper ceiling, ceramic-tile floors and a packaged-goods area with spirits and beer plus walls lined with custom wood shelving holding hundreds of bottles of wine.

Upstairs is possibly even more impressive as the decor matches the downstairs plus there are more leather banquettes and its own gorgeous, 16-seat bar.

That beauty remains intact five years later. But its new owners — Lou and Fran Palena — modified the original concept of a tapas-focused restaurant and turned it into a more approachable, everyday restaurant to please locals and tourists alike since taking it over in 2012.

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1 thought on “Cellar 32 in Brigantine Reaching New Heights”

  1. We have been vacationing in Brigantine all this week. Saw the Cellar, but have to pass because we eat non-GMO primarily organic food. Needless to say, we brought most of our food and have been cooking in and eating at the condo. Not too much fun while on vacation.

    We found Brigantine island last year and couldn’t wait to come back this year. We hope to make it 2 weeks next year.

    Consider adding a few local, grass fed beef, organic chicken, fresh, not farm raised fish, and organic/non-GMO really healthy select options (not packaged organic food), and you will have new customers!

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