Charges Dropped in Spartan Harbor Alleged Conspiracy in Brigantine

Mooses Cans Brigantine Spartan HarborCharges have been dropped in the Spartan Harbor alleged conspiracy to defraud Brigantine. Walter Czezewicz and Robert Musumeci, both of Brigantine, and Richard DeBenedetto of Farmingdale were under investigation. They had charges filed against them on July 5, 2011.

Brigantine and Condo Associations.

The County Prosecutor recently dismissed the charges, which included theft of over $75,000 and conspiracy to commit theft, as well as falsifying a record/writing.

Investigations began in mid-2009 when suspicious and potentially fraudulent billing from the Spartan Harbor Condo Association to the City of Brigantine was noted. As you may know, Brigantine reimburses condo associations if they do their own trash removal. According to reports, there was a substantial increase of reimbursement requests from the Spartan Harbor Association, from the Brigantine company known as ‘Moose’s Cans’.

The report led to an investigation from the New Jersey State Division of Taxation, Criminal Investigations Division and the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office.

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