Brigantine Ready to Shuffle the Job Deck

The City of Brigantine is seeking proposals for the following Professional Services contracts for calendar year 2015. If you currently are in a position that’s not protected by a sweet contract, you better tune up that resume and start networking on Linked-in.

Potential opportunities include: Municipal Attorney, Labor Attorney, Bond Counsel, Municipal Auditor, Prosecutor, Conflict Prosecutor, Public Defender, Conflict Public Defender, Planning/Zoning Board Attorney and Planner. See RFP here:

And one of the plum gigs that may become available is Municipal Engineer. This could be one of those pseudo no-bid gigs that cost the city taxpayers a million smackeroos a few years back. Highly favored to grab that contract is the infamous Matt Doran. See RFP here:

Click to view typical DORAN invoice that only a town like Brigantine would pay as submitted.

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1 thought on “Brigantine Ready to Shuffle the Job Deck”

  1. WHY so many attorneys for this small town? Our primary town is very large. There is a town solicitor. Specialty services are contracted on an “as needed” basis. Are these attorneys being paid anything to be held on a “specialty” service? This seems excess expenditure again…

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