City Council Meeting OCT 1, 2014. Watch Video

Watch video from Brigantine City Council Meeting OCT 1, 2014. Click thru/below to view agenda, as well as the BILL PAY documents. Public comments that have yet to be addressed by City Website Management: Meeting minutes are prepared and approved within 30 days. Why does it take 6 months for the city clerk to post them to the website? As of OCT 1, 2014, the last avail meeting minutes are from AP 2, 2014.

OCT 1 Agenda

OCT 1 Bill Pay

WATCH Brigantine City Council Meeting Clip: WEBSITE SECURITY BREACH, Part 2.

There are 3 ways that the City of Brigantine records & archives City Council meetings.

  1. Records Ustream Web Broadcast and archives it on YouTube ( spotty quality & poor indexing )
  2. City Clerk records audio with separate device, and archives audio recording in unknown location.
  3. Clerk extracts items from audio recording, types up summary. Council approves within 30 days.
  • Where are audio recordings? How are they filed? How far back do they go? Who has access to them?
  • Why are audio recordings not posted to website? (no special technology needed)
  • Typed & approved minutes are finished & approved within 30 days. Why 6 mth delay in posting to web?

AUDIT & Cash management  

While details of profit/loss/expense related to the annual Brigantine Triathlon were not easily available for inspection, the posted financial audit of the City of Brigantine highlights substantial non-compliance with common accounting practices. SEE ATTACHED:



Click to see samples of Brigantine Cash Management problems. Unknown if these issues were fixed, since 2013 audit has not been posted.

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6 thoughts on “City Council Meeting OCT 1, 2014. Watch Video”

  1. Why does it take 6 months for the city clerk to post them to the website?

    umm…. lemme guess…. the city clerk is too busy and doesn’t have the time.

  2. Amazing , more amazing was the inane comment by our wanna – be – mayor on council. “Well that’s only a couple months behind”….. Almost as inept as her comment of a few months ago regarding leasing out the golf course ; “Oh what’s the big deal? It’s only 25 years! ” It was a big deal to most us seniors at the meeting. I doubt we will be here to see it. For this reason , I as a registered Democrat I will vote REPUBLICAN in November.

    1. Ms. McClay has a lot more going for her than you realize. To change your vote based on these 2 comments, rather than the overall record of the Democrats on this council, seems a bit drastic. If the Republicans gain the council majority by having Guenther-Simpson-Sera elected, plus the Ward 1 Republican to replace Andy, we will have bloated union contracts, go back to no-bid contracts, and have to borrow more to make up for retirement payouts that the Republicans never budgeted for. That’s a lot more serious than a long term golf course lease or a few months delay in web postings. Unless you’d like them to hire a full time person just for the postings?

    2. Paul, I hope this letter finds you well. Please explain in English your points so all of the seniors can comprehend your points. I’m not sure if you were excited or confused but keep up the positive attitude.

  3. Bob McClay says. Phil, you certainly do Not sound like an authority on Internet web-site development, or any of the kind, period.
    Why did you do the Razzel Dazzel with Ms Phillips and proclaim your expertise as to how everything is done? Be humble and if you do not know the relevant question regarding Internet Domain names, then say so. People need, respect, honesty, Integrity, and don’t forget common sense and logic while your at it, when addressing the TAXPAYERS. Remember them? Lisa McClay, for a true visionary and fresh set of Eyes, and Brains. Imagine that…

  4. I would like to take a moment to commend Ms. Anne Phillips for her tireless dedication to the good of Brigantine. Ms. Phillips held a city council seat before being cheaply maneuvered out by the GOP, but has never stopped her efforts to make the island a better place and hold the city government accountable to the people.

    She shows up at every council meeting and asks the tough questions, no matter how she is stonewalled or ridiculed. At a time when many Brigantine residents think they are “political activists” by posting obscene messages on Facebook or starting up petty website wars, Ms. Phillips is giving a demonstration of how a true political activist should conduct themselves.

    She doesn’t rant on Facebook. She’s not trying to recruit “Anne-amaniacs” to join her in some childish vendetta. She is not seeking election. She just goes to every meeting and demands the truth from those who plainly do not wish to give it. Her bravery and TRUE concern for Brigantine are to be commended.

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