Brigantine City Council Video. Nov 5, 2014

Brigantine Tax Assessor Playing Favorites? A $6,500 refund check was about to be sent to one lucky resident…until the Mayor decided to back off…. after major push back from other local residents that have to wait til April 2015 to appeal their taxes. WATCH VIDEO>

Brigantine Early Tax Appeal & Refund Part #2:

After decades of haphazard zoning regulation, one of the last remaining waterfront lots along the bay… is now in play….and developer Mike Snyder has city by the short hairs. The lot that housed the old lighthouse Gulf gas station is up for grabs. Should Brigantine taxpayers borrow money and buy this waterfront lot at a fairly high assessment?

Should Councilman Simpson negotiate with the builder (Mr Snyder) who just so happens to be his former business partner? Councilman Simpson looks to have interest in becoming the City’s Real Estate agent. Simpson and City Manager will ask Snyder what kind of Brigantine Real Estate SWAP he would like to make. WATCH THIS VIDEO…’s like eaves-dropping into an executive session. Good thing City Solicitor Fred Scerni wasn’t there !

Brigantine Lighthouse Circle Deal. Simpson & Snyder.

Brigantine City Council Discussion of Firefighter’s Accident with Police Vehicle.

Was ticket issued to off-duty Brigantine Firefighter Eric Ireland? High rate of speed suspected based on damage to Ireland’s truck, with air bags deployed.


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