Employee Mismanagement of City Web Marketing

Government should rarely be in business, especially in Brigantine. The local BB-NJ business directory is one major example of in-efficiency and questionable activity all funded by taxpayer dollars. The past mis-management of the Brigantine Mini-Golf course is another example of lost revenue due to poor city oversight.

Think about it. Does NJ do a good job with the DMV? Does PA do a good job with wine and spirits? Nope on both counts. We suggest that government should create a level playing field for business, and then step aside.

We have noted that a Brigantine city employee is handling the so-called ‘BB-NJ Town Business Directory’. Is  a city employee is making decisions about who gets promoted by the official City website? Is this city employee is stepping out of line, and assuming role of ‘editor’ of the Brigantine Business Directory? That means this person can accept or deny any business from being featured on this taxpayer funded website. The BB-NJ Business Directory currently promotes a substantial amount of businesses outside of Brigantine, but misses almost half of the businesses actually located on our island.

This same city employee might also be running the City of Brigantine Beach Facebook Page using an assumed name. In both cases, these sites are filled with non-Brigantine businesses. In some instances, we see promotion of the city employee’s personal friends who also have city, as well as side jobs on the island.

Summary: Brigantine Taxpayers are funding these highly questionable web efforts being run by an already well paid individual. Many see this activity as highly inappropriate and unethical at best and potentially cause for serious reprimand.

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