City Getting Smart About Brigantine Revenue

Brigantine leaders are finally rolling their sleeves up, and making some really smart, no-brainer moves.

City Manager; Jennifer Blumenthal, is considering a proposal to purchase 100 new beach trash cans. These new cans are not only designed to deter seagulls, but they’ll allow for display advertising on the sides. Smart. Blumenthal said advertising revenue would likely cover the expenditure for the cans. We can hear the HOWLS now….coming from those who think this advertiser-friendly can, will turn our town into another Wildwood.

And from the “It’s About Time” files…..council is finally considering the move to lease-out the ‘like new’ miniature golf course at 42nd street. CER has passively run this city asset for many years. Many visitors don’t even know it’s there.

Brigantine CFO Chris Johansen says that the mini-golf averages about $43,000 a year with average expenses of $37,000. Do the math: the city makes a whopping $6,000. per year. Blumenthal is looking to get a minimum lease of $18,000. from a private operator. You go girl.



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7 thoughts on “City Getting Smart About Brigantine Revenue”

  1. I think an obvious omission from the beaches, are recycle bins. Wouldn’t they also either pay for themselves through recycling, as well as advertising. I think it would be the ‘green’ thing to do, and is expected everywhere these days.

    1. You are absolutely right! It’s the green thing to do and people do expect it. They certainly could pay for themselves with the same advertising idea.

  2. The day that Brigantine decided not rebuild when the Old Haunted House and Pier burned down, was the day it decided not to become Wildwood or Ocean City! It is however seriously hurting for revenue and needs to attract more visitors, summer rentals, homeowners and businesses to survive. I mean, the town, as it’s been can’t even support one fast food restaurant or a small diner. I love the new energy and new ideas about advertising AND keeping the beaches cleaner. It’s a great win/win!

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