City Kills Mad Dog Morgan Golf Award. RFP Will Be Re-Posted.

brigantine mad dog morgan guenther stinson
Another RFP Glitch Courtesy of Guenther & Stinson

It was NOT surprising to see the council majority of Guenther, Simpson, Sera & Bew… OK with the improper / non-legal advertising of the bid.

What was surprising /sad though, was watching the opposition party of McClay & Withers… vote for the obviously non-compliant / illegal Mad Dog Deal.

Minority (D) council members; McClay & Withers, along with majority (R) party, are well aware of the ‘legal public notice’ rule. Nonetheless, McClay (D) & Withers (D) decided to ignore the basic rules of bidding, and joined the blatantly wrong….Guenther (R) team.

As we have suggested before, a growing number of Brigantine Democrat supporters believe that Ms. McClay is no longer effective on Council and should step down. Apparantly, there is now only one person on Council looking out for all taxpayers. That person is Mr. DeLucry. The jury is still out on Withers, although early indications suggest he is easily pressured to side with Mayor Guenther.

DeLucry (D) was once again the only lone, fiscally responsible NO vote.

Brigantine City manager Ed Stinson admitted the city failed to publish legal notice for bid as required by law.

By law, legal notices must be published in these legal newspapers of record: the Press of Atlantic City, the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Beachcomber News.

Mike and Sandy Morgan were once again…and oddly… the lone bidders on the RFP request for proposal. Council quietly posted the RFP on the glitch-prone city website just before the Dec. holidays.

The Morgans were illegally awarded the contract on Feb 3. They were on their way to enjoying the minimum bid of just $1,500 per month, plus 4% of monthly gross receipts for food and beverage sales.

City manager Stinson reports that the new bid notice will be advertised in the Press of Atlantic City on Tuesday, Feb. 23. The bid opening is scheduled for March 15.

SEE Press of AC update

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5 thoughts on “City Kills Mad Dog Morgan Golf Award. RFP Will Be Re-Posted.”

  1. Got crow!
    If not for this site and Brigantine Taxpayers this would have been business as usual.

    Guenther/Simpson & Co: we let you win this battle but we already won the war

  2. Once again, everyone is focusing on the wrong taxpayer ‘burden’ in this town. No one wants to complain about the laughably high salaries of police, fire and the teachers union for a school with barely any students in it. No, it is the COURSE, that causes all the tax woes in Brigantine. Wake up, everyone! Your taxes are not high because of the golf course, they are high because of the salaries of three specific departments listed above. The course had profits the past few years, but netted a loss simply because of the bond, which by my understanding will be paid off in full in 2018.

    look at where your money is really going…

    1. Mr. Paul, Saying that the golf ciourse only lost money because they had to pay the debt ( bond) is misguided. Most private businesses also have to borrow from banks and the owners have to pay every month or they lose their business. ( look around south jersey). A government run business has no such worry because it has the full faith and credit of you and all of the other taxpayers. Government should NOT compete with private enterprise.

  3. Dave you are spot on. But the Links could offset some of the Brigantine debt “IF IT WAS RUN FOR PROFIT”.
    Maybe now that Gov Christie is more focused on the issues confronting New Jersey, we will be able to get an investigation going in the Guenther regime. It’s like a mafia in Brigantine and it protects “The Old Boys Club” which profits only them. Police and Firemen included. Put yourself in McClay & DeLucry’s shoes. I would be a little nervous driving down the street let alone starting my car in Brigantine.
    I have often considered getting involved in Brigantine Politics but I fear I would disappear without a trace after a meeting.

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