Blumenthal & Purdy: Digging Out Brigantine for 2013

Brigantine Beach
Compliments of Purdy & Blumenthal

They’re the dynamic duo of Brigantine Beach; Blumenthal and Purdy. Let me explain…

Our Brig-tastic Department of Public Works is getting the island back to normal at record pace, after that nasty visit by Sandy. While other shore communities were either knocked out or still wobbling, Brigantine is bouncing back at full throttle. DPW head; Ernie Purdy, John Doring and crew are quickly clearing debris, beefing up dune lines, and digging out from the last of the wayward sand.

At City Hall, another kind of mountain is being dug out from…by city manager; Jennifer Blumenthal manning the back-hoe. Jen’s challenge is a mountain of growing budgetary shortfall.

The capable and well-respected Blumenthal is now staring down a million dollar budget shortfall for 2013. Kinda makes the storm clean-up look like a walk in the park, huh?

But just watch……by the time Memorial Day 2013 rolls around, Brigantine Beach will be ready to rock, and we’re placing our bets on the tag team of Blumenthal and Purdy to get Briggy Beach back on firm….. financial and tourist-friendly sand.

The recent city council meeting on Nov 21, featuring a few lame-ducks, primarily dealt with the after effects of Hurricane Sandy. Blumenthal lead the talks revolving around the city’s reval process that’ll be postponed until affected homeowners had time to repair damages. This will provide for a more accurate assessment.

The reval process will restart by May of 2013. The new revaluation would take effect January 1, 2014. Homeowners may qualify for a reduction in assessment for the tax year 2012 if their home was destroyed or damaged.

Assessment Review Forms available at the tax assessor’s office, or you can download the form here

The revaluation delay, likely tax appeals, and charges related to the clean-up, will certainly challenge the Brigantine city budget for fiscal 2013. But many have remarked how blessed the Island is…..for having the guts and tenacity to push for the hiring of the fiscally astute; Miss Blumenthal.


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  1. Om gosh, does that mean layoffs to offset the shortfall. What the heck is next? Then what with all of the mess from Sandy? I hope not.

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