Brigantine City Manager Blumenthal & Property Values

Jennifer Blumenthal Brigantine
Jennifer Blumenthal Brigantine

The recent brigantine city council meeting featured discussion about how Hurricane Sandy disturbed the current property revaluations.

“Sandy has compromised our revaluation process,” said city manager; Jennifer Blumenthal.

Properties may need to be reinspected. Condemned north-end properties, will have changes in their revaluation. The revaluation might be delayed until 2014, before it impacts the city tax base.

Property owners might appeal their property assessments based on hurricane damage. Councilmen DeLucry and Pullella will join the mayor in reviewing the impact.

During the public comment portion of the meeting, residents were deeply disappointed with the minimal, and confusing communication coming out of Brigantine City Hall during the storm.

Please call Brigantine City Hall for more details. (609) 266-7600

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