City Manager Stinson $127,500 Non-Compliant 4 Year Contract?

Brigantine Council approved resolution authorizing four-year contract for City Manager Stinson….at $127,500. Council lead by Mayor Guenther pushed for questionable…and possibly non-compliant four-year contract.

Stinson contract also calls for a very un-popular automatic 2 percent salary increase each year. This drew howls from those in attendance during public comment. Most Brigantine residents believe there should NOT be automatic raises. Rather, raises should only be based on performance.

City Council also approved a contract for new Police Chief Jim Bennett. The popular chief will receive an annual salary of $140,831, plus healthcare and pension.

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2 thoughts on “City Manager Stinson $127,500 Non-Compliant 4 Year Contract?”

  1. Guenther on Ed “the dog ate my homework” Stinson
    “You want to hold on to him as long as can,” he said. “When you see talent, you do what is best for the city and give a long-term contract.”

    Ed “I’ll get back to you” Stinson gets a 3 year contract as city engineer and 4 year contract as city manager.
    As engineer and manager always remember “dont call him, he’ll call you”

  2. Glad to say goodbye

    Don’t know the police chief but do know we got nowhere when we tried to get some action on a group of drug-dealing thugs living next door. All we heard from the “detective” we were assigned was that we should have called the cops when the entourage from Virginia showed up. Yeah, right. We were born at night but not last night, and we had a sense of self-preservation. So we called when it seemed safe with all the info we could provide and were told we didn’t have PC. So Mr. Police Chief, you have some investigative work ahead of you, and probably some personnel issues to deal with.

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