City Update from Brigantine Mayor, Vince Sera

Vince Sera Brigantine

According to Brigantine Mayor Vince Sera, changes will likely be made to Brigantine Beach permits and fees.

At the October 21 council meeting, Brigantine proposed two changes to the City’s Beach Fee Ordinance.

  • Reinstating two free beach tags with purchase of 4X4 beach permit
  • $5 increase to the seasonal beach badge fee.

A public hearing on the proposed changes will take place at the November 4th City
Council Zoom meeting.

Funding For Local Brigantine Business

Brigantine City Council is trying to help local business secure CARES Act funding.

Atlantic County has been allocated almost $6 million in CARES Act funding. The goal of the CARES Act funding is to help offset the losses that many local businesses suffered as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Contact Brigantine Councilman Mike Riordan if you’re a local business interested in applying for these funds.

Brigantine Recreation Project Updates

Brigantine Tennis & Pickleball – COVID-19 has slowed the project down, but the City is still moving forward with the renovations as planned.

Brigantine Skateboard Park – The project is still in the design phase. We should have an update in a few weeks.

Links Cart Paths – At the October 21 council meeting, city officials unanimously voted to award a contract for the reconstruction of the cart paths for holes 1 through 9 at the Brigantine Golf Links.

Editors Note: According to very trusted sources, Brigantine Links Golf Course still operating at a loss. Councilperson Bew does not share profit/loss information. Taxpayers support this business.

Brigantine City Dock Dredging Project still being held up by the DEP.

They are claiming that the width of the City Dock does not meet the most current DEP size standards. The DEP will not issue dredging permits until City cuts width of dock down by four feet. Brigantine City Engineer Matt Doran is putting together some ideas for council to review.

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8 thoughts on “City Update from Brigantine Mayor, Vince Sera”

  1. To Mayor Sera & Councilman Riordan,

    I would like to submit a proposal on behalf of the dog owners on the South End of Brigantine.

    I respectfully request that council consider allotting some beach space (near entrance to jetty, first “trail to beach” for Dogs and their owners during the summer months/season.

    I noticed that this area of the beach is not used in the summer and it would ideal for those of us who enjoy summer beach time on the beach w their four legged friends.

    How do I submit a proposal? Do I need a certain amount of signatures?

    Thank you for your consideration and attention to this matter.

    Michele Tadley
    6 Sea Spray Court

  2. Again, I submit…WHY are 4×4 “vehicle” permit holders issued 2 free “people” beach permits?
    ….at the same time seasonal permits for tax paying property owners are increased.

  3. Increase the fees on 4by4 vehicles they bring nothing but debris to the beaches and their occupants are disrespectful to owners of houses on Seaside by urinating on their properties and leaving cans, bottles and other trash in the area.

  4. Can there be specified parking spaces at the beach for senior cititzens. I can’t make the walk and frequently can’t find a spot.

  5. how about you double the cost of the 4×4 permitss because its a beach for crying out loud!!! get your lazy asses out there by foot, oh you mean you cant bring the whole damn living room with you now? boohoo get over it, the beach was made for people not vehicles!

  6. I have been driving on the beach for many years, I mainly stay at the north end. I have never seen any abuse here, in fact prior to the restrictions placed by the state, I would bring out trash that would blow or wash up on the beach. The cove area has. Been a problem in the past and seems better supervison this past season.

  7. The City Dock is a Significant asset to the citizens of Brigantine and its Boaters.
    At times during the season, there is a wait to get your boat in or out due to the number of vehicles. A wide berth at the Dock allows two vehicle to launch without interfering with each other and allows a good Margin of safety for some folks backing up their trailers. A Reduction of 4’ according to DEP, is a unnecessary request and DEP should allow a waiver for safety reasons, or grandfather in The wider dock as is.The added cost to adjust the dock that serves the community very well would be a Waste of taxpayer dollars as well. Let’s use some common sense And practicality before we make any further moves.

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