Here Comes The Holiday Season

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Bob McClay

It was a great few days off last week and I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving break. If you were like me you were on the road with the millions of people who travel during the Thanksgiving week. Many folks traveled to Brigantine Beach for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving week in Brigantine is almost as crowded as a summer week.

For many people it’s an opportunity to get a nice big beach house (at off season prices) and have the whole family together. Spending the holidays in Brigantine really does give you a more relaxed feel since most of us are rushing around to holiday parties, shopping and decorating the house while at home.

Before I moved here permanently my family would often spend Thanksgiving, New Years, and Easter at our beach house. It was a great change of pace especially when the weather was nice. The beach is still a great place to take a walk in the fall and winter as well as just sitting on the deck watching the sunrise or set.

So why not try and spend the holidays in Brigantine. I bet if you did it once you would come back to do it again.

See you soon…

Bob McClay

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