Community Forces Council to Save Brigantine Skateboard Park

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For years, the City of Brigantine has tried to shutter the popular skateboard park on Bayshore ave. Ignored for years, it fell into dangerous disrepair. The community stepped up and showed up. They forced Simpson & Sera to change their mind.

Most recently, the Mayor and Brigantine City Council wanted to convert the skate park into pickle ball court.

Residents took action and packed the recent Brigantine city council meeting. Demanding that our popular skate park be fixed & upgraded.

Skateboarders aged 5 to 50 pleaded to save Brigantine Beach’s beloved skateboard park. Simpson, Sera and Rierden wanted to condemn the park, claiming it was an insurance nightmare.

For years, former Mayor Phil Guenther tried to unofficially shut down the park by keeping it in disrepair.

Mayor Simpson said skateboard park insurance rates were gonna skyrocket. Mayor wanted City to condemn the skate park, even though the skate ‘bowls’ were just cracked and needed regular maintenance.

$200,000 will be allocated to fix the skate park located at 4100 Bayshore Ave in Brigantine.

Public Comment: the City pulls out all the stops to fund football, hockey, baseball, Links Golf, rowing club and 6-figure City Hall salaries. But when it comes to dog parks, skate parks and pickle ball, Guenther, Simpson and Sera just can’t find the money.

The Brigantine skate park is over 20 years old. It will cost about $225,000 to fix & upgrade. If Doran Engineering is involved, some expect that cost to be closer to $300,000.

How will the City of Brigantine pay for it? There’s more than enough in the general fund. Brigantine often bonds for stuff like this too.

Plans are to have it repaired and opened by summer 2020. An upgraded Brigantine Skateboard Park would include:

  • Site drainage
  • New asphalt
  • New fencing and gates
  • Better & more efficient lighting
  • ADA-compliant spectator area
  • Posted signage for park rules and hours
  • Skate Park attendant

Simpson admitted this was a good, political decision. Lot’s of votes at stake. City hall may not be so open to pickle ball courts. Too many non-voting second homeowners enjoy this game.

Brigantine Pickleball Update

For past 3 years, Brigantine residents have asked, begged, pleaded, for outdoor pickleball courts. It’s the fastest growing activity along the Jersey Shore. For 3 years, we’ve been getting the run-around. What’s the hold up?

Will the City address the growing demand for pickleball? Maybe build a few new courts? Gotta find a location first.

Politics. That’s the hold-up. Should Mayor Simpson spend $300,000 to keep pickleball people happy? Or $300,000 that primarily benefits full-timers that vote?The Mayor spends much to satisfy needs of full-time, voting residents. The other 70% of taxpayers, nothing.

It’s no secret. Simpson admits he makes most decisions based on how it affects upcoming elections. Keep the voters happy. But make sure taxpayers/2nd home-owners are OUT of the loop. Remember, they (Foots) can’t vote.

Under Mayor Phil Guenther, the City of Brigantine spent millions of tax dollars on infrastructure and activities that only benefited full-time residents that could vote.

City of Brigantine known for murky financials when it comes to the Links at Brigantine Golf, Rowing Boat House, and many youth sports leagues. See: Financial Black Hole of Links at Brigantine Golf.

Might cost the city about $300,000 to build. If Doran Engineering is involved, expect that number to be closer to $400,000. Read more about Brigantine and Doran Engineering here.

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