Compare Brigantine & Ocean City; Fairness in Taxes, FBI Investigation

How is Brigantine similar and different from OCEAN CITY?  It’s not what you think. According to ShoreNewsToday,  the FBI is investigating Ocean City for a variety of mis-steps frowned upon by 2nd homeowners & part-time residents of Ocean City. Hey Brigantine…..take note.

Michael Hinchman, president of a Ocean City based group called Fairness in Taxes, made the claim at a citizen comment session during a City Council meeting in City Hall Thursday, April 14. He also cited claims about city hiring, suggesting that if they are true, the Mayor Gillian should step down.

‘Fairness in Taxes’ of Ocean City can be compared to a Brigantine Taxpayers Association on steroids. Better yet, FIT can be described as a Brigantine Taxpayers Association with a large following with leaders constantly fighting for financial transparency, voting rights for 2nd homeowners, etc. And yes, it looks like FIT Ocean City actually calls the state & FBI when they need a little help. This does not happen in Brigantine.

Read more about FIT FBI Ocean City story here.

See FIT Ocean City website here.


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