Concern about Brigantine Golf Course & City Structure

IMG_4024The future of Brigantine Beach, NJ. was the theme at last night’s Republican sponsored meet-up at the Links Club House. A standing room only crowd was in attendance to hear Mayor Phil Guenther & Councilman Andy Simpson dissect some critical issues facing the citizens of our evolving barrier island.

Topic #1 on the agenda was the golf course. At issue is how to best leverage this city asset, hurt from the effects of a down economy and to a certain extent, the recent storm. Most attendees seemed to agree that recent improvements to the course (like drainage fixes) have been positive and is early proof of a rebound.

The city will own the golf course outright, in less than 5 years.

The Republican sponsored meet-up also noted opposing and less popular views on how the 185 acre golf course could be leveraged. These views have been endorsed by Democratic councilman, Tony Pullella. Concern from local home owners revolve around councilman Pullella’s position: lease out the course for 25 years to a vendor that Mr. Pullella endorses.


Mayor Phil Guenther urged the citizens of Brigantine to attend this Wednesday’s council meeting starting at 6pm. Potentially, a council vote will take place that could move it in the direction that councilman Pullella would prefer.

The evening also featured the announcement of a new, grass roots organization.

WATCH VIDEO: Vince Sera of ‘Respectable Government for Brigantine’ speaks to local citizens.

This group wants a more streamlined and effective government structure in Brigantine.

Representatives from ‘Respectable Government for Brigantine’ spoke to the crowd and were warmly embraced.

Signatures were gathered and website / Facebook pages were shared. Respectable Government for Brigantine welcomes the opportunity to speak at any community meeting that welcomes guest speakers.

They see the current form of Brigantine government to be ineffective. Vince Sera said: ‘All down beach communities have commission forms of government. When the current form of government was ushered into Brigantine, the island population was somewhere near 15,000 residents. Today, we’re closer to 9,000. Smaller government is appropriate.’

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9 thoughts on “Concern about Brigantine Golf Course & City Structure”

  1. Nanci Fitzpatrick

    Just listened to Vince Sera’s comments: how come the citizens of Brigantine did not want the Commission form of government when the Republicans were the majority on Council? Just saying…

  2. I had suggested the lease idea a few months ago for the golf course. I guess i would pick whoever had the most experience in golf courses.

  3. Do not let the golf course be sold or developed. The golf course has been here longer than most residents. I will not be able to attend the council meeting on Wednesday, but MY VOTE is to SAVE the Links. Keep Brigantine local.

  4. signed, Golf Course FOR SALE

    @ Chris Keena..Brigantine has not been “Local” for many, many years… hence the fact that 70% of the Real Estate is owned by people that do not live in Brigantine Full time. NOW the best thing to do is keep “the Locals” from losing their town entirely. Fiscally responsible actions are the only way. “The good ole boys and corrupt politics” (oxymoron, I know)…need to give way to honesty and good decisions- LOL

    1. If the course is sold, a buyer can do what they please with it. Level it and put more home up for sale. That’s great. 70% vacant homes all winter long. And why don’t people use their real names on this site and other sites involving Brigantine politics? Using an alias, does not sound like giving way to honesty. It sounds like you’re hiding in a dark alley way in the shadows, whispering loud enough to be heard but not seen.

      Back to topic… Aren’t there enough homes for sale in Brigantine? The course needs better marketing, better hot dogs, better club house. The course is well worth the greens fee(maybe not $85 on a sunday). The links needs to adapt and move into the future. Selling clubs, club fitting. Radio spots about golf lessons & seize the deas. They used to send text message deals to your phone a few years ago.

      And If we could find room for a driving range… Get rid of the Meadowbrooks, hire local and allocate the money saved to buying the equipment/marketing/repairs needed. Course is in great condition by the way.

  5. Don’t sell out the middle class workers of the Brigantine golf course area!!! We have been a happy family town for years! You are selling us to second homeowners and robbing our children of the safe life that we were raised in. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Sleep well as you force our children from their.

  6. BTW. ….. This is not just about golfers. This is about people who have worked their whole lives to own a home ( the American dream) in the golf course area. I am a Sandy victim dealing with the aftermath. If you take away the golf course you might as well make everyone that owns a home there a Sandy victim. IN LIMBO.

  7. Dog park. Really. We have a few miles of beaches that can be used nine months out of the year. This is ridiculous.

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