Condemning Seagull Motel Brigantine. New Owner & Developer Interest.

Sally Schierstead of Seagull Motel

The Seagull Motel in Brigantine has been targeted for condemnation. Brigantine’s last remaining motel sits on some of the most valuable real estate on the Island.

Wikipedia: A property is condemned when a government entity has determined the building is no longer fit to live in. It’s often triggered by a pattern of unsafe housing code violations. No one may live in a condemned building or use it until the owner has proven that the cited problems have been fixed.

Brigantine Seagull Motel Walk-Thru. Summer 2010. WATCH VIDEO >

Seagull Motel. The 28-room, ocean front property represents a bygone era of Brigantine that many still miss.

City of Brigantine has started condemnation proceedings against Sea Gull Motel.

At the November 21 Brigantine City Council meeting, the Sea Gull Motel was discussed as unsafe and un-inhabitable.

In need of tear down, upgrade, or some serious, tender loving care, the Seagull Motel opened on 4th of July weekend 1967. Today, the building and land it sits on, was most recently owned by Sally Shierstead; daughter of the original builder & owner.

Oscar and Sara Schierstead

The Sea Gull Motel was built by Oscar and Sara Schierstead. Construction started soon after the destructive 1962 hurricane. The Schierstead’s group of cottages were destroyed during that storm. The Seagull Motel was officially launched during the Summer of 1967.

  • Oscar was born in 1896. Died in May of 1971.
  • Sally was born Feb 11, 1939.
Sally Shierstead
Sally Shierstead

The most recent owner, daughter Sally Schierstead, died a few years back. Her property and assets were left to Brigantine businessman and real estate broker, Frank Cossio. Reports suggest Cossio was also named executor of the will.

Seagull Motel
Estranged Shierstead Sisters. Fight For Seagull Motel.

Sea Gull in Brigantine targeted for condemnation.

Brigantine asked a Superior Court judge for permission to force occupants to vacate the property. The city could soon start issuing fines for violations.

As the elder Schiersteads passed, the Sea Gull Motel was taken over by daughter, Sally Schierstead. Forced to leave her beloved New York City, Sally begrudgingly continued to operate the Sea Gull as a motel.

The Schierstead family also owned a house at 321 28 St. South in Brigantine.

321 28 St. South in Brigantine. Seagull
321 28 St. South in Brigantine
seagull motel brigantine
Sally and Former Councilman Pullella

As casinos grew in AC, Brigantine enjoyed an influx of those needing a place to live… close by. Real Estate soared. Developers swarmed. Many locals sold their properties and left the island.

One by one, motels in Brigantine started to sell out, making way for condos and McMansions. The Sea Gull remained true to its beginnings. It remained a motel.

Brigantine became a bedroom community for AC casino workers.

At one time, the 2-story Sea Gull added a third floor. Magnificent views and large rooms. Was never given a certificate of occupancy. Claims suggest proper permitting was never performed. Thus, the spectacular 3rd floor has never been occupied.

Brigantine Beach View From Seagull Motel
Brigantine Beach View From Seagull Motel
3rd Floor Master Suite

The Sea Gull is a built like a tank. A brick building with deep pilings. Sits high and dry during the nastiest storms. In other words, valuable Brigantine beachfront property.

Many are quite interested in getting their hands on the Seagull Motel property. Maybe not the building, but certainly the land.

Sea Gull Motel Brigantine Property

  • Land valued at $804,000.
  • Improvements are valued at $2,499,000
  • Total assessment valued at $3,303,000
  • Zoned 4A commercial
  • Taxes are $58,000 per year.

Years leading up to Schierstead’s death, an interesting collection of locals were in some way, involved with the Seagull property.

Seagull Motel Brigantine
200 East Brigantine Ave.
The estranged sister of Sally (Darlene) filed a lawsuit, contesting the will.

The Sea Gull had great promise but required greater upkeep as the years wore on. Sally often felt she was unfairly targeted by Brigantine leadership.

The team at BrigantineNOW noted many non-compliance violations, in our opinion, did have merit. Some were cosmetic, but other much more critical…. like electrical, fire prevention & security violations.

New Owner of Seagull Motel, Frank Coccio

What’s next for the embattled Sea Gull Motel? The current owner Frank Cossio is quiet for now. But litigation continues. Some claiming various rights to the estate.

The Sea Gull Motel currently has tenants and is home to a large group of cats.

On a recent walk past the Seagull property, we received a hairy eyeball from some creepy dude at the front door. He seemed none too happy about my curiosity. We just wanted to know the whereabouts of Sally. We asked where Sally was. ‘She died’ was the short answer. I asked ‘who owns the property now?’ No answer.

The City of Brigantine is moving to condemn the Seagull building and force the tenants out. Vacate the property. How long this will take? Will it be successful? That’s anyone’s guess.

The future of the Sea Gull Motel. Will it ultimately be condemned? Might it be rehabbed and kept as a motel? Could it be bulldozed to make way for million-dollar homes? Will the property go to auction?

At one time, the business entity known as the ‘Seagull Motel’ was turned into a partnership. Sally Shierstead and local Brigantine businessman Ken Schaeffer, teamed-up in 2012. Schaeffer is a Board member of the Marine Mammal Stranding Center and the struggling, Brigantine Chamber of Commerce.

Based on lot size, a developer could possibly turn this land into 4 beach front homes. The land value could be worth 3 million dollars. At one time, the asking price was $7 million.

The Seagull property was assessed for $3,303,200. The land assessed at $804,200. Improvements to the property assessed at $2,499,000.

200-06 E Brigantine Ave costs COSSIO, FRANK $58,301.48 annually in taxes.

Sally Shierstead 321 28th St. SEPT 30 2013

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14 thoughts on “Condemning Seagull Motel Brigantine. New Owner & Developer Interest.”

  1. I’m appalled and utterly disgusted that brigantine politicians, developers and the media seem to be celebrating the passing of Sally Schierstead .
    This article just goes to show how truly desperate it’s an invasion of privacy!! Sally hated her information to be put anywhere without her authorization and her family should’ve been contacted first! . This shows how people are and how much greed excise in the world.
    Sally Schuerstead left her sweat life and energies at the seagull. That’s one of the soundest safest buildings on the island and Sally made sure of it.
    Frank Cosdio is a thief! He took advantage of Sally and a bad situation instead of condemning that beautiful historic landmark there should be criminal proceedings against Frank. Sally was scared of him and often mentioned that he stole from her and forced her to sign papers. I have the recordings.
    That building and all it’s contents belongs to the shierstead family!!!! If this treasure gets condemned for the purpose of gain for the city it’ll re-enforce Sallys discussions to me even the years.
    Sally has family and Frank new it, yet he rushed to bury Sally so the truth wouldn’t get out.
    Sally wanted Frank gone but he took her phones, her banks, her keys and her friends away… this article should discuss an investigation into the abuse and the advantage that Frank took of an ekderkyvwomsn.

    1. sally was a very hard worker and had trust in very very few people, I personally spent 3 years working and living with her .She showed me things about brigsntine and the corruption going when I was with her from 86 to 89 dec..if you knew her back during thst time then you knew me. I feel very sad thst her family wasn’t contacted first ,as for me I just got the news yesterday and still don’t know when she passed away or buried…

    2. Sadly, you are correct. Atlantic County NJ Department of Aging was contacted repeatedly and implored to intervene and assist Ms. Schierstead as her declining physical and mental health prohibited her from protecting her assets and securing her financial future. I believe it was provided sufficient evidence of her need for assistance and protection from financial abuse/exploitation. Inaction on their part and absence initially of any known family members to exercise any familial guardianship rights available, resulted in her being exploited as feared. A pattern of increasing Isolation from her friends, her ultimate death and the subsequent failure to notify friends and now identified, located and present family members of her passing prior to her burial appear to support a claim of elder abuse/exploitation. Courts will now ultimately decide the disposition of her estate. Other investigations may potentially result in fines, penalties, license revocation etc. as deemed appropriate for those involved. May justice prevail on behalf of your friend.

    3. As far as I’m concerned Frank deserves that place for putting up with the always-miserable Sally for so long. I lived there for an entire year in the very late 1990s and Sally Shierstead made it hell. She should have sold that dump years ago, since she hated trying to keep it updated. And did a shitty job of it I might add.

  2. I agree with all of the above. She was bullied into whatever is happening to the Seagull. She told me a couple years back that she wanted to leave the seagull to the animals. I wondered what happened to that Frank Coccio. They were all waiting for her to die and insured that they were in the loop to inherit or be able to buy it. Makes me sick. Sally was a bit of an oddball not doubt. But she was absolutely taken advantage of. Way to go gentlemen. You finally got what you wanted. And now nobody to stand up for Sally.

  3. I am familiar with the sea gull. I used to stay at the golden dolphin motel. I was wondering if anybody could tell me what ever became of the golden dolphin and around what time period that was no longer around. I have alot of fond memories there back in the 60’s and 70’s. And i would really appreciate any info anyone could share with me thanks.

  4. I stayed at the Golden Dolphin with my wife and her German relatives in summer 1985 . It was a great little find back then .It was replaced in 1988-89 by the very large condo building ,the Ramon .

  5. Interesting update. We have lived just a few blocks away for over 20 years so always curious as to the status. As with everything else in Brigantine there is always more to the story. Hopeful for a satisfactory resolution for all.

  6. Louise Viens Emond

    I was a good friend of Sally for many years. I used to go there with my parents and after with my husband. Sally offered me to go down and work for her. After many thoughts we decided not to. Sally reminds me of her mother. At SeaGull her mother lived there in the dark never went out but always happy to see me. I feel sorry for her. I remember her talking about her divorce and her sister which she did not see. It is a very sad story but not surprised by the outcome. Sally rest in peace.

  7. Hi there everyone my name is martin and I lived with sally at the motel for about 6 mounts in 1990 and there was a little guy called All he lived at her big house she was hard to dell with and she always had contractors everywhere and her room was a mess there was a lovey cat called blue , on Friday’s she would tell me to come to her room for margaritas I lived on the bottom floor , sorry to here that she died rest in peace Sally my E mail is

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