More Cost-Cutting AstroTurf in Brigantine

Brigantine Beach will install more AstroTurf. This time it’s the medians along Atlantic Brigantine Boulevard that will get the bright green, synthetic carpet. This is the same artificial grass recently installed at the Mad Dog Triangle, where the new dolphin fountains are installed. Atlantic County will pick up the tab for this project.

Looking to cut costs, the city will save by reducing maintenance needs along the boulevard medians. The median at 38th street will be the first to get the new synthetic grass. By installing AstroTurf, Brigantine saves on labor and irrigation costs.

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2 thoughts on “More Cost-Cutting AstroTurf in Brigantine”

  1. Plastic turf is expensive! It is worthwhile to cut the labor and other costs associated with grass. Would it be more cost effective to use stone or crushed shells? Either option would still allow for bordered planting beds.

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