Could Councilman Simpson Benefit From High-Density Housing Development in Brigantine?

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Why did Mayor Guenther and Councilman Simpson of Brigantine stop having council meetings recorded and posted on YouTube? Do they fear taxpayers of Brigantine would be alarmed at the recent and very controversial hi-density housing plans that will soon come to Brigantine?

Does Simpson prefer to hide the fact that he owns property that will benefit from the substantial projects that MUST be built…in some high-profile Brigantine neighborhoods?

Simpson & Guenther claim there’s nothing to worry about. That’s not true. Observers KNOW there are developers quietly waiting in the wings.

Even Brigantine Real Estate agents fear that this glut of new construction could dilute the market and lower property values.

After 27 years of Mayor Phil Guenther, taxpayers of Brigantine need to understand how much WORSE it will be for taxpayers…especially 2nd homeowners who don’t vote here….if Councilman Simpson becomes the next Mayor of Brigantine.

Another group that will be harmed by Simpson if he becomes Mayor, are those on a fixed income.

Own a small business in Brigantine? Full-time residency has been declining EVERY YEAR. That makes it tough to survive in the off season.

Simpson & Guenther don’t care about the outflow of full-time residency in Brigantine. As long as those ‘tax ratables’ grow….they’re cool with the status quo.

Simpson & Guenther refuse to consider the merging of Brigantine’s two schools. Those schools stand side by side, with 2 separate staffs. Enrollment declines every year. It’s time to merge the schools.

And oh yeah…Simpson & Guenther OVER-TAXED the island for the past 4 years. This grew the general fund to almost $6 million dollars. This fiscally-irresponsible move allowed the current administration to provide a FAKE TAX DECREASE for past 2 years.

Of course, the Brigantine Times made that a top headline. Shame on that local newspaper, primarily in business to be a PR platform for Green Head Politics.

Councilman Andy Simpson is one bad hombre. Too many conflicts of interest, specifically with his sizable Real Estate holdings in Brigantine. This is no exaggeration. His too close ties with local Real Estate & business is problematic to say the least.

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4 thoughts on “Could Councilman Simpson Benefit From High-Density Housing Development in Brigantine?”

  1. High Density Development means more homes on less land/sq footage. Though more ratables and tax revenue, it also means more people, more traffic and much less parking. It would increase demands/cost of public services (police, fire, etc) which will undoubtedly offset additional tax revenue. In summary, it will change the quality of Brigantine life significantly. I lived the high density development of Sea Isle City, NJ and the permitting of tear down of single family homes and their replacement with big box, side by side homes. Take a ride from Brigantine to SIC on a Saturday Morning in peak of summer season and experience the difference (if you can get a parking spot). Visit Ocean City on same trip with their 40 feet frontage lots and the many homes on top of one another. (Note: I still enjoy both SIC and OC for their other qualities – boardwalk, promenade, beachfront stage etc – Activies and attractions that Brigantine lacks). Brigantine’s “bedroom community” appeal will be lost with high density development. Few will make big money, homeowners in general will lose! What makes Brigantine special will be lost and that WILL ultimately reduce homeowner’s property values. (Note: I recall that Brigantine acknowledged making this mistake earlier with high density development of condo, multi-units etc in south end and committed itself to not repeating that history by making planning/zoning changes to increase lot sizes, restrict multi-units etc.)
    PLEASE be careful with this decision. It is critically important to Brigantine’s future. I don’t think the current regime or potential successor will make the decision that “serves the best interest of all the citizens of Brigantine”. I have no party affiliation or allegiance to anyone. My opinion is based on my personal experience and real estate knowledge of the 3 towns over many years.

    1. Your comment is truth and common sense…which is lacking when corruption rears it’s ugly greenhead.
      Thank you for your writing.

  2. Your right they think the second homeowner is rolling in the money!! Maybe some are, but I am sure most of the second homeowner is your average Joe. There are other areas at the shore that are desirable too and affordable. Don’t be so sure of yourself people in council!!!

  3. These pigs will take Brigantine down. All of the Real Estate agents are just as ignorant. NJ scum will only build a NJ slum unless value minded business advocates run this corrupt and second rate shore town. This mayor is a joke surrounded by by cheats and thieves living off taxes. Close down that NJ Hillbilly Haven known as the VFW as a start. Most of those Pineys would be rejected by today’s military anyway. The Best Beaches And The Worst People running (ruining) this great potential.

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