Council Recap. Brigantine Mayor Hides Public Union Terms

Mayor Phil Guenther won rave reviews for his Nancy Pelosi impression at Brigantine City Council on Wed night, Feb 1.

It was classic Phil. Smooth, but really dumb. Sounds smart when you first hear it, but after you chew on it a bit….you realize Phil has almost baffled you with his well-tuned bullsh*t.

Just like Nancy Pelosi did in 2010.

Remember that famously stupid Obamacare statement from the Democratic Leader; Ms Nancy Pelosi? We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.

Watch this video…and see how Phil & Simp borrow this classic line and lame explanation from Ms Pelosi.

Did you know Phil’s day job is Superintendent of ACIT? Yup. Even though he spends all day inside an institution of higher learning, this has not benefited this aging RINO in any way, shape or form. RINO = Republican in Name Only.

Notable Quotes & Comments from the Brigantine City Council Meeting:

It’s well known that Councilman Andy ‘Simp’ Simpson has the Brigantine’s lowest IQ of all time. (Runner up – Former Chief of Police, Tim Reed)

Simpson actually said this on FEB 1 about voting on a new public safety contract: “I dont know what the difference is…..2 minutes before ….or 2 minutes after” They can go on the website and see it the next day…what’s the difference?

From Beachcomber News:

Anne Phillips of the Brigantine Taxpayers Association repeated an assertion she made at a previous meeting that the public should have the right to know the details of a contract agreement between a union or collective bargaining agreement and City Council before council votes on it.

“And then have to renegotiate points after we’ve completed negotiations because someone doesn’t like one of the terms in the contract?” Guenther responded. “We’re working through the advice of our counsel. If there is some other directive that comes out, we’ll take a look at it.”

Newbie councilmen Haney and Reirdan were accused of being brainwashed. They were offended by that harsh but accurate accusation. What a bunch of special snowflakes. Reirdan & Haney narrowly won their seats. That’s due to all the past baggage these guys carry.

Phil, you just described a completely ridiculous statement

Condescending. Guenther is the master of that disgusting trait. Especially when he can do it in public. Phil feels good about himself when he can publicly browbeat a respected senior citizen…that dares to ask a few simple questions. Good for you, Phil. Big man that you are.

‘We believe in transparency’ boasted Guenther, who has occupied and abused the Brigantine Mayor’s seat for the past 26 years. The last thing Brigantine City Council is….is transparent.

Watch video from FEB 1 & see clearly, that Guenther / Simpson DO NOT want the public to see the terms of a potential Brigantine Police contract. This type of nonsense is why Brigantine restaurants & businesses are shutting down in record numbers.

City Hall shenanigans are the reason why Brigantine Real Estate value lag far behind other Jersey Shore towns. It’s sends a bad message to outside investors when they see block after block of empty businesses….and when they watch typical Brigantine City Council meeting.

……Guenther, better known as ‘Philthy Phil’ to long-time Brigantine residents hides and mis-states local law when discussing the latest public safety contract.

Guenther took the low road with members of the senior community. Feeling cornered by polite yet pointed questions….the Mayor shot back: funny how you bring this up during a year when we lowered taxes. Of course, local Brigantine residents are well aware that team Guenther was the man behind the overtaxing of Brigantine homeowners for the past 3 years. This financial atrocity lead to a 5 million dollar surplus by the end of 2016, something that is frowned upon by the State of NJ. Note: Councilman Simpson made sure tax refunds were NOT dispersed. Getting surplus down to about $2.5 million was recommended but declined by Brigantine Republicans.



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