Councilwoman McClay Finally Reports on Guenther Mis-statements

Brigantine Councilwoman Lisa McClay might finally be documenting & sharing her thoughts on the non-stop Guenther Bovine Excrement. Here’s what we found buried deep within the Brigantine Democrats website>

McClay says: Recently, the Brigantine PBA contract was settled after 2 1⁄2 years. If you did not attend or watch the entire September 2nd council meeting there is a good chance you are not getting all the real facts surrounding this contract. Several times during the council meeting the mayor made deceptive remarks pertaining to the contract settlement and continued to mislead on the radio the next morning by saying that “longevity was frozen”. Facts presented to the public should not give an impression different from the truth or be misleading.

One quote for instance “Longevity pay for existing employees is set at a fixed dollar amount” this is true, but misleading because it doesn’t continue to explain that longevity changed from a percentage to a fixed dollar amount. Some may believe that longevity was frozen for current employees, but that is not the case. Longevity was not frozen; in the new contract current employees continue to receive substantial incremental increases in their longevity pay. Another totally false statement was that “Picardi and McClay felt that longevity should be entirely eliminated for current employees”, this is deceptive, misleading and totally false. My position on longevity all along was and still is to eliminate it for new hires and freeze longevity for current employees.

Getting all the facts not just some of the facts are crucial for the public to fully understand what’s going on. You may have read that the city and PBA agreed to reduce the wage differential from 12% to 6% between Lieutenant and Captain this is true, this is half the amount given in the old contract. However, the story did not tell you that from Patrolman to Sergeant the wage differential is 12% and Sergeant to Lieutenant is another 12%. It is only fair that the public know all the facts not just some of the facts. It is only fair the public get a thorough report of all the facts.

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