Defend Brigantine Beach Shares Ugly Detail about Wind Farms

Have you followed Defend Brigantine Beach yet? You should if dead whales and experimental wind turbines are of interest to you.

Check this out. A social media post from Mark Hozey about building wind farms off the South Jersey shore.

Stuff we learned from Mark’s post:

Ocean Wind turbines require carpet bombing the seafloor with sonar non-stop.

Punching holes 60′ wide by 100-150′ deep.

Building caissons, then pouring steel and concrete.

Blades are 180′ long, spinning at 180 mph. Slicing up anything that flys by.

Erecting 1000′ wind turbines

Down draft from blades impacts the sea and waves below- ever see a helicopter hover over the water? Imagine that 24-7.

The non-stop sounds emitted.

Dredging trench 6 feet deep by 10-15 miles long, back to the shore.

Lay electrified cable and reburying trench. Not good for ocean and it’s inhabitants.

The onshore existing energy grid and stations can’t handle the incoming power. So, this will also require multiple off shore “islands” to be built for new power substations.

Now multiply this from New England to the Carolinas and beyond.

Hope you don’t like seafood because the scallops, shrimp, clams, mussels, crabs etc will be depleted beyond recognition.

Sorry generations of fisherman, you’ll be going broke.

PSEG sold their 25% share in project back to ORSTED, the Danish wind company who will reap in $$$ BILLIONS in cost overruns

YOUR Electric bill will SKYROCKET to pay for this.

Does wind energy have a place?- YES. In the ocean? -NO.

Regards, stay well and safe.

Mark Hozey

Defend Brigantine Beach


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12 thoughts on “Defend Brigantine Beach Shares Ugly Detail about Wind Farms”

  1. I agree completely!! I’ve personally witnessed sonar land exploration years ago and can only imagine the extreme damage done to the inner ear of whales and other marine animals. Why has no one done any necropsy of the inner ears of recent deaths of whales??

    1. My mind is made up, don’t confuse me with facts. The usual approach to a problem. The real complaint seems to be that my eyes are bothered by these things. How about some honest comments. Or, maybe some hard facts. These things have been built offshore for years without damage.

  2. Who are the morons that want this I’m 84 and as a kid we were at the shore almost every weekend when our parents could afford to go we had relatives that lived in A/C and Margate as well as wildwood and I really can’t believe that they are going to destroy
    N/J like this and all the sea creatures that have been there for ions God help us !!!!!

  3. Sunday morning, 2/5, my wife and I woke up to a series of booms. We heard them from around 2 am to 7 am. Seems as though every 2 to 3 minutes there would be a low boom. Wondering if anyone else has heard them? We live in Brigantine, a block from the ocean.

  4. The same people aren’t worried about the damage oil drilling has done to animal habitats and waterways for decades. Drill baby Drill! In Brigantine it’s Build baby Build! No comments about the mega mansions using up all the available land in Brigantine? Why does Brigantine need a new pumping station at 12th Street? I guess the old one is on prime housing land! Is there fertilizer from the Golf course being pumped into Steelmans Bay? That concerns me. Lots of fish there!

  5. None of this is true. All of it is theoretical scare tactics to stop people from enjoying the benefits of green energy. There are no studies published showcasing any of the wildlife impact proposed here, and the “economic” jargon you throw out has no basis. A shame.

  6. When all the nay sayers actually reduce emitting climate heating CO2 from their SUVs, excessive driving & too large homes then they can have the moral claim to oppose the development of non-carbon based energy sources.

    1. Hey Alan

      Don’t blame us because you are a loser who can’t afford an “SUV and a “too large home” (says who ?)

      Stop your pathetic whining.

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