Defend Brigantine Beach: Wind Turbine Work Killing Whales?

Members of the group called Defend Brigantine Beach want a federal investigation into how wind turbine work could be killing whales recently.

Dead whales washing ashore in New Jersey and New York. Brigantine too. All happening during harmful sonar and seismic testing/surveying by wind companies like ORSTED.

Cindy Zipf, executive director of New Jersey-based Clean Ocean Action: Never before have we had six whales wash up in 33 days.

They are ‘mapping’ the sea floor, preparing to install 100 wind turbines just off the coast of South Jersey. Each turbine is 1,000 ft high.

This NJ wind farm will be the very first of it’s kind in the nation. 100% experimental.

  • Projections admit running in the red for years.
  • Power storage batteries remain a critical limitation.
  • Electric ratepayers will subsidize the green project.
  • Estimated to raise rates by substantial amount.

Sonar and seismic testing can be harmful to marine life.

Whales live primarily in the dark. They depend on sound in order to communicate, find food, reproduce, warn others of danger.

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Green orgs like Sierra Club, local green teams, MMSC and Stockton U already know these facts.

US NAVY research from decades ago: Whale deaths related to site-prep work by offshore drilling concerns, etc. Fact-based research from US NAVY being downplayed / ignored by Press of Atlantic City, MMSC, Stockton U ?

Margate, Ventnor, Longport and Atlantic City took wind money. Brigantine and Ocean City did not.

Who took #WindMoney?

At their current rate of decline, we will lose these incredible whales in less than 20 years. There are only 450 North Atlantic right whales remaining on earth. Their lifetimes have shrunk, and they’re producing calves far less often than they used to. And their habitat is shifting.

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11 thoughts on “Defend Brigantine Beach: Wind Turbine Work Killing Whales?”

    1. Yes, a serious investigation is warranted!
      Do not trust the corrupt government!
      The Whales and the environment come first.
      – the whale deaths are very suspicious-
      The Gov & Pres do not care – it’s all about the money

  1. The loss of these whales was predicted two years ago when NJ agreed to establish industrial wind of our shores. These results mimic similar results experienced in Europe caused by the same European corporations.

    1. Hi
      I think efforts should also focus on the warming ocean too not just potential from windmills. May want to evaluate impact of the submarines in our oceans as well. Several studies in this regard. Don’t just look at windmills. They do affect bird migration so it’s critical not to place a long the migration paths. A variety of factors could be at play. Thank you.

  2. Have you not considered that we live in one the the most heavy trafficked area on the eastern sea board?
    Cargo ships are in abundance, up and down our coast from Florida to Maine!
    And the sea temps are higher, then we have seen since they have first been recorded.
    Not even taking into effect all the plastic, and toxic pollutants.
    If you believe it’s just the wind project, your fooling yourself!
    Do your research…….
    If you don’t think that Gas pipelines are causing deaths to animal life, and toxic waste and water are causing cancer in humans, your NOT paying attention or educating yourself!

  3. Thanks for covering this! Regardless of the cause, there needs to be an investigation…I personally believe it has to do with the offshore wind farm development, which will be a disaster for tourism, the local wildlife & property values

  4. Most deaths of dolphins and whales are due to seagoing vessels. This has been documented for years now. So, shall there be a ban on ships and other seagoing craft at the soonest? Using the case of whale deaths as a red herring by NIMBYs parading as concerned citizens is shameful, a ploy to stir up sentiments in an uninformed public, not to mention an insult to true environmental activists. Congratulations Brigantine, you now have your very own George Santos !

  5. There is no “Seismic blasting” used in offshore wind survey methods. Using the video above, which was made specifically to fight against the seismic testing used to find oil and gas deposits THOUSANDS of feet below the seabed. This propaganda tactic is very misleading and an outright lie.
    This torch that you are carrying is for the “Not In My Backyard Elitists” and all they care about is themselves. Exploiting whale deaths to promote an anti-renewable, politically motivated agenda is DISGUSTING.

  6. I would say Kathleen that any shred of common sense would alert to the fact that this is only going to make an already bad problem 100X’s worse. Do your research.

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