Council OK’s Homeowner Dune Maintenance in Brigantine. DEP in Dark?

3700 Ocean Ave Brigantine
3700 Ocean Ave OK to Modify Public Dune

Some consider this an environmental crime in Brigantine. Screwing with the dunes without DEP (Dept of Environmental Protection) approval.

Dune maintenance permits for a select group of private beachfront homeowners. Watch Brigantine City Council from 11.7.2018 >

Special rights handed out to favored homeowners, in order to groom dunes to their personal liking.

Brigantine City engineer Ed Stinson and Zoning officer Mark Coyne are in charge of project permitting and compliance. Residents have questioned the background & experience of both, regarding these types of dune management issues.

NOTE: Brigantine is an Environmentally Sensitive/Barrier Island Planning Area with a designation of PA5B.

Background on Brigantine Zoning Officer, Mark Coyne:

  • Real Estate
  • Chairman of Brigantine Planning Board
  • 2016 Master Plan update committee.
  • Brigantine Commercial Development Committee

Former City Manager, (now City Engineer) Ed Stinson, was once involved with a controversial tax refund and dune carve-out from a few years ago.

City Manager Tosto did not provide comprehensive report to council, explaining why these private homeowners should get a permit. ( See Video )

Oddly, Brigantine City Solicitor Fred Scerni, did not provide legal input during the public portion of City Council meeting of Nov 7.

Councilman DeLucry asked Brigantine City Manager Tosto: Who reviewed these dune maintenance permits we’re handing out tonight?

PODCAST: Councilman Delucry is AGAINST Brigantine dune maintenance permits for private homeowners

3901 Ocean Ave Wants To Modify Brigantine Dune System
3901 Ocean Ave Wants To Modify Dune System

Environmental expert, Dr. Stewart Farrell of Stockton University / Coastal Research Center, continues to be referenced for some reason. Farrell has nothing to do with permitting.


A majority of Brigantine City Council (except for Delucry) authorized Dune Maintenance Permits for :

  • Stephen P. Bliss 405 20th Street South
  • Bill Messick 12 Ocean Drive West
  • Robert O’Donnell 411 36th Street South
  • Lou Bencardino 3700 Ocean Ave
  • Krystal Beach 3901 Ocean Ave
  • Angela & David Grande 403 16th St South

Brigantine Councilmen, Riorden & Simpson, along with Sera, Bew and Mayor Guenther, are in full support of this environmentally harmful….possibly illegal/non-compliant… dune manipulation. All without DEP approval.

We recommend to those who received permits from Brigantine, contact NJ DEP before you do anything…. just to make sure all is cool with that State agency.

With the NJ State of recent takeover of the Brigantine north end beaches, experts find it odd that Mayor Guenther and Councilman Simpson would allow private homeowners to modify the coastal eco-system.

Brigantine Dune Carve-out for Special People.

Brigantine is also infamous for building private roadways on environmentally sensitive areas. SEE: Brigantine Dune Road Greenhead Politics

Read Greenhead Politics. The Story Brigantine Taxpayers Were Never Told.

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  1. Been coming to Brigantine for over 20 years. Thought about buying vacation home in Brigantine, then retiring there in 5 years. Having second thoughts. No way I’m gonna overpay taxes and have locals call me a shoobie. Ocean City is more expensive, but it might be worth it.

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