Democrat Party; Fiscal Conservative and Small Government

Accountability: The Democratic led City Council adopted the 2013 budget that for the first time started to address the huge gaps caused by the Republican administration’s failure to address costs of tax appeals, unfunded retirement payments and unchecked giveaways during union negotiations. This will ensure that future budgets will account for previously unbudgeted items, which have adversely impacted past budgets and led to shortfalls.

Openness:  We expanded on our initiatives to open up government by posting more documents on the expanded city web site that now offers live streaming of council meetings over the Internet so they can be viewed from anywhere. Budgets, financial statements and audits, notification for solicitation of bids and Requests For Proposals (RFP’s) and meeting dates, minutes and the agenda are all now readily available to the public for scrutiny.

  • For the first time in the history of Brigantine employees and the public are invited to participate in budget discussions and our consultants publicly discuss and explain budget and bonding issues.
  • For the first time the public is able to comment on agenda items before they are discussed and voted on by Council and not just after the fact.

Representation: In January 2013, for the first time in Brigantine’s 114 year history, the Democrats became the majority voice in City Council. We have a doctor, a lawyer, a business man, a teacher, and a retired nurse-practitioner on the dais. Our council members are there to serve Brigantine’s residents and taxpayers, to establish best practices for managing your tax dollars in the most efficient manner without negatively impacting city services, and to ensure that you all have a voice in our government.

Accountability: During the last year, at our urging, the City Manager implemented cuts that will save the taxpayers more than $600,000 annually. Legal and engineering fees have been reduced. There have been no new hires of police, fire or public works, thus stabilizing the budget and at the same time increasing their productivity. A part-time CFO and a part-time certified purchasing agent have been hired replacing two full-time positions with benefits without negatively affecting the productivity of these functions.

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