Low Real Estate Values Allow Brigantine Land Grab On The Cheap

The Brigantine Real Estate economy is (WAS) booming. It’s true. But there is one exception to that fact. Real Estate in Brigantine is only a great investment if you have the right connections. That connection seems to be City Councilman, Andy Simpson.

Hard to believe. At one time, Brigantine Beach was chock full of attractions, stores, restaurants and marinas like ‘The Fishfinder’.

Motels, restaurants, stores, …even a bowling alley and a world famous haunted castle. Brigantine Beach had them all at one time.

Somewhere in the mid-90’s, Brigantine leadership said screw it. Let’s throw out all the smart zoning rules and build homes everywhere we can. Brigantine allowed far-too-easy conversion of commercial/mixed use buildings into luxury homes and condos. No attention was paid to potential ramifications of those moves.

Did Brigantine city planners think is was no longer necessary to preserve and nurture commercial areas along our shores?

Fast-paced home construction took off. Builders thrived and scrambled to keep up with demand. They had no interest in a prudent mix of residential, commercial and attraction based properties.

The City of Brigantine was interested in old gas station lot in order to expand the Brigantine Historical Museum, or to build a small park or other pedestrian project. But not Councilman Simpson. He wanted houses on that land….and fast. WATCH VIDEO from Nov 2014 >

The Lighthouse Circle in Brigantine has been a main target over the years. When most thought the circle would be a tourist friendly destination, Mike Brennan of the Chamber was snookered when he found out that a giant CVS was going to built there.

Local resident & builder; Mike Snyder, bought and demolished the old Gulf gas station. Most wanted the City to use Green & Blue Acres grants to keep that space open. Would be kinda nice to see some water in Brigantine, no? In addition, most experts thought it may not be wise to build residential homes on top of an old gas station. The potential for problems relating to residual oil, fuel tank clean-ups and DEP approvals could make residential construction more complex.

In addition to the Brigantine Gulf Gas Station acquisition, Snyder and partner Jack Scheurich closed on the purchase of the old Steak 38 property, which is now THE COVE.

Lawsuits were filed against Snyder by the owners of Cellar 32 who claim Snyder was not allowed to build a competing restaurant for 5 years. Note: Snyder built and operated the Cellar 32 restaurant for a time. As of FEB 2016, Cellar 32 has been sold again.

Snyder also built two single family bay-front homes next to the Fish Finder Marina. One property has yet to sell. Snyder’s effort to shut down the Fishfinder two years ago were squashed after public outcry made him rethink that move.

Snyder and Scheurich have also reportedly acquired the former L’Aragosta Restaurant & The Rod n Reel.

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3 thoughts on “Low Real Estate Values Allow Brigantine Land Grab On The Cheap”

  1. Shhh this is an open secret… King Simpson is a silent money man behind Snyder. When the former owners of The Cellar found out that Simpson bankrolled the acquisition of The Cove, competition, they put The Cellar up for sale. Simpson tried to argue to no avail that he only helped Snyder and that building up the circle would only increase Cellar business.
    King Simpson has silent money all over the island….shhh!

    1. Makes sense and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised but I’m not so sure Snyder needs Simpsons money. Snyder wrote a check to buy a boat that costs $240,000 and didn’t bat an eye. He probably owns $1M in water toys alone. Someone told me he is a pilot and co-owns a cessna.
      Snyder has a hand in everything, construction, flipping houses, rental units, real estate, who knows what else. I’m sure $impson greases the wheels for all of Synbders deals, pulls of few strings and gives Snyder inside info on parking lots and such for a kickback, but Im also certain he doesnt need Simpson$ money….but then again who knows, it Brig Business maybe that boat is co-owned with Simpson.
      Maybe you meant the other guy Scheurich dont know much about him except that its obvious he doesnt have vision regarding A/C Brig bars.

  2. When you don’t pay real estate taxes in Brigantine you can afford lots of other things at the second homeowners expense. Just remember Simpson, Karma is a ……….. In case Mr. Simpson has no idea what Karma means here is the definition. “the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences. Destiny or fate, following as effect from cause”.

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