Discount Plumbing by Brigantine Public Works. Gas Station Dirt.

Discount Plumbing by Brig DPW & John Doring

Brigantine Public Works getting into the plumbing business? Looks like it. We watched a crew of Brig DPW guys working for 3+ days…with lot’s of overtime… next to the Lighthouse in early March. A team of 14! city workers were ripping up a county road in order to connect water & sewer to the new construction built on top of the old circle Gulf gas station.

Thanks the infamously in-accurate, Brigantine Times for taking pictures of this peculiar activity.

Hmmmm….. So, on April 28, we submitted an OPRA request to City Clerk Lynn Sweeney. .

What we asked for via OPRA (Open Public Records Act ):

  • What did City of Brigantine charge property developer/owner for digging, pipe laying & connection service?
  • Number of employees used and salaries connected to that project?
  • What was property owner charged for equipment use and other resources?
  • Why did Brigantine do this work…. as opposed to property owner’s contractor?

Mike Snyder from Unique Homes is the owner and builder of those 2 properties being constructed on top of the old Gulf Gas Station.

Click to enlarge images. What we received from Clerk Sweeney. ( notice: there is no signatures or dates on these questionable documents )

[foogallery id=”31857″]

We also wondered:

  • Was Atlantic County notified of their road being torn up? Approval is always needed before you mess with a county road.
  • Why were jack hammers needed? The crews had to break thru lots of concrete. (odd) Maybe all that concrete has something to do with the old Gas station?
  • Was thick concrete a mandatory protection required from the DEP / EPA? Who knows. City Manager Stinson should know…..but….. he doesn’t have the paperwork with him at the moment… 🙂

All we know…. is the developer (Snyder) got all that work done…for 2 MASSIVE homes….. for under $6,000. Sweet. What a bargain.

Contact DPW Chief John Doring to see if your property qualifies for this special ‘GreenHead’ discount.

John Doring. 3605 Bayshore Ave. Call (609) 266-7800

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5 thoughts on “Discount Plumbing by Brigantine Public Works. Gas Station Dirt.”

  1. Brigantine Sports Man

    We looked into buying old gas station / lighthouse circle property. (Current Snyder construction site) Was told it would cost close to $ 1 million for DEP monitored clean-up. It could be contaminated site. Looks like dirt was never removed from area as required by DEP guidelines.

    Builder Snyder got away with putting docks in too. There was no way they could put docks there because there never was pre-existing docks. A jacuzzi up on pilings? Hotubs and Jacuzzis need to be on 4-5 inch poured concrete slab. This stuff needs to be exposed with investigation. The city is kissing his ass. Whatever he does, it’s a joke

    1. Anonymously attacking a woman who gives her heart and soul to this community is beyond cowardly. Show a single shred of evidence to back up your claim. Lynn Sweeney spends countless hours volunteering and helping those in need in this community. If your going to make these claims at least have the guts to attach your name to it.

  2. I’m confused as to how someone can post totally false information about a project without first seeking the facts. If the author of this post was born and raised in Brigantine he or she would know the AC- Brig Boulevard was ALL concrete at one time. But without knowledge of construction and underground utilities I can understand how one could be mislead by a hap hazard posts by people only seeking the negative in an honest job. Your facts are wrong…. Superintendent John Doring is an honest man doing his job! You will not find anything that was done on the 3601 Atlantic Brigantine Blvd. job that was different……Or not done for any other resident requiring two simple 1″ water lines supplied. (now you can pick on me)….For telling the truth

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