Discount Plumbing by Brigantine Public Works. Gas Station Dirt.

Discount Plumbing by Brig DPW & John Doring

Brigantine Public Works getting into the plumbing business? Looks like it. We watched a crew of Brig DPW guys working for 3+ days…with lot’s of overtime… next to the Lighthouse in early March. A team of 14! city workers were ripping up a county road in order to connect water & sewer to the new construction built on top of the old circle Gulf gas station.

Thanks the infamously in-accurate, Brigantine Times for taking pictures of this peculiar activity.

Hmmmm….. So, on April 28, we submitted an OPRA request to City Clerk Lynn Sweeney. .

What we asked for via OPRA (Open Public Records Act ):

  • What did City of Brigantine charge property developer/owner for digging, pipe laying & connection service?
  • Number of employees used and salaries connected to that project?
  • What was property owner charged for equipment use and other resources?
  • Why did Brigantine do this work…. as opposed to property owner’s contractor?

Mike Snyder from Unique Homes is the owner and builder of those 2 properties being constructed on top of the old Gulf Gas Station.

Click to enlarge images. What we received from Clerk Sweeney. ( notice: there is no signatures or dates on these questionable documents )

We also wondered:

  • Was Atlantic County notified of their road being torn up? Approval is always needed before you mess with a county road.
  • Why were jack hammers needed? The crews had to break thru lots of concrete. (odd) Maybe all that concrete has something to do with the old Gas station?
  • Was thick concrete a mandatory protection required from the DEP / EPA? Who knows. City Manager Stinson should know…..but….. he doesn’t have the paperwork with him at the moment… 🙂

All we know…. is the developer (Snyder) got all that work done…for 2 MASSIVE homes….. for under $6,000. Sweet. What a bargain.

Contact DPW Chief John Doring to see if your property qualifies for this special ‘GreenHead’ discount.

John Doring. 3605 Bayshore Ave. Call (609) 266-7800