Election 2020. Vote by Mail Fraud? Brigantine Democrats Offer No Opposition Candidates.

Brigantine City Hall

General election Tuesday. November 3rd. We’ll vote for President of The United States, and a South Jersey Congressional seat.

You may not have noticed, but Brigantine will have a local election too. A few ward seats are up for grabs. Too bad there’s no opposition for any of those available seats inside City Hall.

Crazy. The Brigantine GOP didn’t even put up a candidate in the 4th. Republican Club had no interest in trying to knock off Rick DeLucry. (D) This may account for why everyone is so chummy these days. All 7 Councilmembers are always in agreement. That’s not good.

Bew, DeLucry, Riordan.

Seems like Brigantine Democrat Club took the year off. This once formidable organization used to provide much needed scrutiny, loyal opposition and spirited debate. But no more.

In Ventnor, all 3 incumbents faced no opposition whatsoever. Margate had only one challenger for those 3 incumbent commissioners.

The precipitous drop in full-time residents has lead to declining interest in local politics.

Brigantine has 7 councilmembers who primarily answer to local voters. They get to spend all that 2nd homeowner tax revenue. They really answer to no one.

Part-time residents are full-time Brigantine taxpayers that have yet to cast their vote in Brigantine. It is possible, ya know. Just claim your Brigantine home as your primary residence. Why would you do that? Legally casting your vote in Brigantine could have more impact on the future of your seashore home.

NJ Governor Murphy Executive Order #177 inviting more voter fraud?

November General Election shall be conducted primarily by mail ballots. All registered voters will receive a mail-in ballot.

WTF. All voters, except those with disabilities, must use mail-in ballots to cast a vote. Those with disabilities must go, in person, to normal polling places and vote by machine.

Every Vote by Mail ballot postmarked on or before Nov 3. 2020 and is received by November 10, 2020 by 8p will be considered valid.

4 polling locations in Brigantine:

  • Ward I – Brigantine Golf Links. 1075 North Shore Drive.
  • Ward 2 – City Hall Lobby. 1417 W. Brigantine Ave.
  • Wards 3 and 4 – Brigantine Community Center. 265 42nd Street.

Secure drop box placed in front of 15th st side of City Hall. 24 hour camera surveillance of the drop box. County will pick up ballots daily. Drop boxes available at polling locations on election day.

Deadline to register is Tuesday, October 13.

Questions? City Clerk. Lynn Sweeney (609) 266-7600 x 220 or Annie Adams (609) 255-7600 x221.

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2 thoughts on “Election 2020. Vote by Mail Fraud? Brigantine Democrats Offer No Opposition Candidates.”

  1. Here’s what the Order actually says pursuant to voters with disabilities:
    “22. The Secretary of State shall establish other appropriate standards for ensuring that all voters with disabilities are able to exercise their right to vote in the November General Election.”

    Not sure if you’re lying on purpose, but I thought the right was the party of morals?

    Here’s a link to the copy, so you can actually read it before misleading people, again.

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