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Brigantine Elks
Brigantine Elks

Christmas 2012 is now only fond memories. The presents have all been unwrapped. The company has gone home and the aroma of baked goods is beginning to fade. The lights on the tree don’t seem to be shining as brightly as they did. Well, come Tuesday, it will be 2013, the start of a new year.

Have you made any resolutions yet? I’ve got one for you. How about resolving to spend a few hours, when you can, trying to get your Lodge up and running again? I realize that many of you have been impacted by Sandy too and have your own problems to deal with. I wish you well. However, we need help too. As Elks, we have always been ready to hear the cry of affliction and in the forefront to help others. Now it is we who need some assistance.

If you know how to drive a nail, which end of a screw goes into a wall stud, how to drywall, tape and spackle, operate a paint brush, we need you. It doesn’t take much mechanical know-how to push a broom or fill a trash bag with debris.

Now that the hustle and bustle of the holidays is over, resolve to lend a hand. We did it 37 years ago, we can do it again today. Please give it a thought. Thanks.

On behalf of my fellow officers and members of the Lodge, we wish you all a very Happy New Year!

Bye, George

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