Expanded 4×4 Beaches in Brigantine? Links Golf Bleeding Cash.

Links Golf Course losing greater amounts of money. Brigantine CFO Roxanne Tosto was called out for potential accounting mistakes in regards to Brigantine Links Golf Course. How much will taxpayers have to subsidize the course? Over past 3 years, Brigantine taxpayers have coughed up $1.5 million to keep the Golf Course afloat.

Links at Brigantine Golf Bleeding Cash. WATCH VIDEO.

Legal to Use Public Money for Private Groups in Brigantine?

Mayor Guenther says city is in compliance with state law. Accounting and proper auditing have come under increased scrutiny. Guenther wants more opublic money to fund these groups, and sees no need for standard auditing.

Solicitor Scerni pointed out:  at the last council meeting, City Manager Stinson agreed to conduct meetings with local sports leagues like Brigantine Rams Football and hockey and baseball leagues. Scerni calls it a ‘ troubling issue’… the transfer of public funds $$ going to private entities.

Is it legal? Accountability and proper money management was debated. Mayor Guenther, who’s day job is Supervisor of ACIT Atlantic County Institute of Technology, was quick to change the topic. Preferred to avoid talking about lack of basic book keeping. Guenther see no need for simple accountability checks.

Guenther: We cant make it so burdensome.

The BHL & RAMS..in the past….have NO books, acting, audits.

JIM CONTI  if some kid got hurt playing Brigantine Rams Football….can somebody sue City of Brigantine? Screrni says yes. How is money audited? City is liable.

Simpson PARKER donates

Bew: looking forward to City Manager Stinson talking with teams. Setting up proper auditing.

Delucry (and BTA) noted letter to editor written by council candidate Sciarra and others that spin issue as ‘you don’t like kids.’ Other correctly noted that those who run some of these private associations are the one that don’t like kids…as they are the one that mismanage funds that are supposed to benefit the kids. Brigantine Rams Assn lead by Mike Mad Dog Morgan, and the Brigantine Hockey League, formerly run by Paul Kabala and asst coach Chris Howe.

Rumor or fact? Overloading of 4×4 beach could see Brigantine extend and enlarge SUV areas?

Some residents within the 4th ward were none too happy about Mayor Guenther & Councilman Simpson’s potential for allowing expanded 4×4 areas on the beach.

Mayor Guenther: “If you don’t like the crowd…. don’t go”

Delucry: Beach committee looked into the feasibility of expanding 4×4 access. Is it legal? Is it possible logistically? Beach management agreement says it’s not ‘legally barred’

Would access to the expanded 4×4 beach at Seaside become a problem?

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4 thoughts on “Expanded 4×4 Beaches in Brigantine? Links Golf Bleeding Cash.”

  1. I don’t understand the push to expand this area. Is there anyone who thinks this is a good idea? The elimination of the 1000 license cap has turned the entire south end of the island into a dump. We know that the access road at Coquille Beach has already been expanded for vehicles and air pumps have been installed. Apparently, this is a done deal.

    Has anyone had a chance to comment on or consider:

    – the revenue this brings in is peanuts compared to the taxes the folks are paying that live in that area and who deserve safe, clean and quiet access to the beach they are paying for. It’s a ridiculous statement that if they don’t like it, don’t go. Why do you think they have a condo there in the first place? Why do you think they are paying taxes through the nose? A day tripper who pays no taxes and only shells out $175 for a license has more rights than someone paying $4K in taxes for a 2 bedroom condo? Where are the common sense priorities?

    – while there are some families, most are party goers. they are enjoying practically free access for their trucks to a beach. They violate the no-alcohol restrictions with abandon. They believe their vehicle license entitles them to have access to the beach and don’t pay for beach tags. No beach tag checker in their right mind would go there and ask this dystopian group of Mad-Max wannabes for their beach tag. I certainly would want my daughter doing it.

    – They trash the beach. They don’t spend a penny in the town. It’s noisy, dirty, and ecologically unsound. They come in caravans and shuttle people onto the beach using their one truck they are paying for. They displace and inconvenience those tax-payers that are funding and underwriting this very access.

    Why, why would someone want more of this? This administration must have such incredible distain for the non-resident tax payers that pay their salaries that they are just struggling with finding new ways to screw them.

    I get it. People with trucks want to go to the beach. No other beach on the east coast allows this (for good reason). There are more trucks in Brigantine than the rest of the free world.

    So how’s bout this:

    1) cap the number licenses at 1500. We sold over 4K last year and it’s out of hand. Expanding this without reflection or planning is gross negligence.
    2) raise the cost for non Brigantine tax payers. $175 for brigantine tax payers, $1500/year for non. That will drop the volume numbers and keep the revenue up. This also reduces the cost of clean-up and policing and starts to bring it back into a manageable situation.
    3) Your license comes with 4 seasonal beach tags. that’s it. we put a guard at the access point and sell them day passes if they don’t have them.
    4) Institue a a strict “You bring it in, you take it out” policy. Make them sign that on the license. They don’t leave the trash in heaps for us to pick up. they take it with them. Install dumpsters at published and accessible locations so they can throw their trash out in a convenient manner.
    5) Enforce no alcohol. First time warning, second time, revoke their license.

    let’s do a LITTLE planning and thinking here folks. And how about throwing a bone at the non-resident taxpayers in the condo for a change?

  2. Mr. Breen, You are grossly mis-informed. If you go slightly south to Sea Isle City/Corsons Inlet State Park, guess what? Yes, they have 4×4 beach permit access!

    While there may be a few apples that spoil the bunch, I find the cove to be largely peaceful and well kept. As a matter of fact, we just left and I saw not one piece of garbage.

    This is a huge revenue source for a town that has little to offer but a few restaurants, which we frequent often, and beautiful, clean and quiet beaches.

    Sure you pay taxes, you chose to purchase a home there, however, your taxes would b higher without this source of revenue. As Mayor Guenther stated, if you don’t like it, don’t go… There’s plenty of public beach access throughout the south end to north end ….

    1. hi mike, while it can be very nice & peaceful at the Cove on occasion… alcohol & under-age drinking usually disrupts that. bbq’s are smoky. jet skis are noisy.

      A huge revenue source? well, Not exactly. Many 4×4 passes are discounted or freebies. and….Brigantine actually LOSES money by not requiring beach tags for those inside the 4×4’s…..and Brig also does NOT require beach tags for walk-ons along the cove & jetty.

      mayor guenther is not a good manager of island assets.

    2. Yes, there is Corson’s Inlet, Mike, but let’s compare:

      – Carson’s Inlet is a state park and is nowhere near any residential houses. google the map of both places for comparison.
      – No vehicles are allowed on Corson’s Inlet between May 15th and September 15th due to beach goers and nesting colonies of endangered birds.
      – Alcohol is strictly prohibited (along with numerous other restrictions) and if caught, license is revoked without refund. – A maximum of 75 vehicles are permitted within a 24 hour window WHEN they are permitted at all off-season.

      Corson’s Inlet is there to provide access to fisherman off season, not a free wheeling frat party.

      I agree that Corson’s Inlet is an excellent model Mike and I think we should adopt similar policies. It would satisfy the fisherman and beach goers alike. Thanks for pointing it out.

      Here are the rules for Corson’s Inlet:


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