Family Behind L’aragosta Closes Amici in Ventnor

Miss the homemade Italian favorites of L’aragosta in Brigantine? While you can no longer find them at the shuttered lighthouse circle location, for a short time, you could drive 10 minutes south into Ventnor to find the Presta family hard at work at Amici. 6525 Ventnor Ave. But after a few weeks, AMICI has been shut down and closed.

It was good while it lasted. Panini & gelati, fresh made sandwiches & baked goods, coffee & espresso. Indoor & outdoor seating. Delivery to the beach.

The old ‘Laragosta’ in Brigantine is now UNDER CONTRACT, according to the Real Estate sign in front of the building.

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23 thoughts on “Family Behind L’aragosta Closes Amici in Ventnor”

  1. They owe all their previous food vendors (when they had LaRagosta) a lot of money. So, basically, they have been selling you food and making a fortune because they never paid for it!

    Definitely criminals and cons! I would suggest boycotting their new restaurant if you have any moral or ethics at all.

    On their twitter page, they LIE about lossing their previous restaurant (la Ragosta in Brigantine, NJ) to hurricane Sandy! Lossing their cars and half their house to the storm! Complete LIE! We know these people and they are complete liars to get what they want. They do not care who they hurt in the meantime.

    Here is the link:

    Very sickening! Do not spend your money at their place!!

    1. Francesco presta

      None of this is true, this is her son and it sickens me that people like you have no life but to try and ruin other people’s lives, just to let you all know the truth for anyone seeing this my families lease ended in brigantine and that’s the truth as to why we left brigantine. And also another thing my family lost a lot of products during sandy such as our freshly bought food, floor damage and refrigerator damage, and at my own house we lost 2 cars a pick up truck and one of our very favorited cars and we didn’t receive even a dollar from the damages. So please everyone reading this junk I advice you guys not to listen to any of this, my family are good people and would not do any of these things to people. Hope everyone who were true customers don’t believe these things written and understand that these people who are writing this are just scam artists themselves and are just recent competition, so please everyone have a nice day and don’t believe anything written here thank you!

      1. if you didn’t receive a dollar for your damaged cars from Sandy, switch insurance companies and hire an attorney. While your at at look into business insurance that cover perishables, flooring, equipment, and etc. Good luck!

  2. yes, i agree! these people ripped off some people I know and still owe them money too! these are bad, bad people.

    they should be ashamed of themselves with how they handle business. their new restaurant will not last long. just wait and see. once their creditors catch up with them, they will have to shut down, again!

    i agree….do not give these people your money! the whole family are con artists. bad people.

  3. Bad news people Bankrupt many times!
    Haven`t paid taxes, water or sewer bills on Brigantine property for many years.
    Yet the wife drives a mazarotti, has a Range Rover, They made money during Sandy!
    They are not very nice people just a bunch of takers from society!
    And there is NO way they will honor a gift certificate. They have no honor.

    1. Francesco presta

      The stuff that happened between our taxes is our business and not yours, so stay out of our business and stop spreading lies, you have no idea about anything that went on in our life and we didn’t get any funds from hurricane sandy. So please stop spreading false rumours

  4. Well, guess it is safe to say this was not ‘greenhead politics’ as those who run this site like to say. Go ahead and tie this into Brigantine being the culprit for their Ventnor business shutting down, ha ha ha. Guess there has to be another way to tie this into Brigantine and bash it some more. Really helping the image of OUR town with all this seething hatred. Sounds to be like a business didn’t close in Brigantine OR Ventnor, but rather crooks who ‘Goodfella’-ed the business by bringing product in the one door and selling it out the back without ever paying their purveyors…well, looks like karma caught up with them. Did they have good food? Yes, they did. Were they less than friendly, and the ONLY place I know of that sold pizza but take-out only, and would give you the evil eye if you dared to take a seat in their restaurant as a single. Somehow my post will get twisted into a political feud, can’t wait to read the moronic retorts from non-residents looking to cry over spilled milk at someone else’s table.

  5. Didn’t anyone see her on some show about extreme
    Moms? She sprays her family in the face with Lysol to wake them up. Because they’re dirty. And she won’t let her children live in the house until they’re 3 years old because toddlers are too messy. Weirdos.

    1. Francesco presta

      I am her son and just to give you a little heads up, stuff you see on TV is not always true. The can was fake and had nothing in it. My mom likes to clean but would never go to that extent and would never not keep my little sister out of our house even for one day, so please don’t make up lies and spread rumors.

      1. Francesco,

        You know this is in fact true. Your little sister was hardly EVER at your home. She was almost ALWAYS at your grandparents for THE REASON STATED ABOVE.

        Please don’t waste your time defending your parents, especially your mom…They are cans. Everyone knows it. Of course they are telling you a different story to hide their dishonorable actions so their kids do not know the truth. And, that is understandable (i guess).

        BTW: Why do you think the sheriff took your mom and dad’s cars jsut the other week? THEY NEVER PAID THOSE BILLS EITHER!

        Just so sad. It was inevitable that this was going to come around full circle one day. And, it is just beginning.

  6. glad they are gone from Brigantine. Never liked their food or service. Looks like they’re getting their just desserts!

  7. Ever see them shopping in Sams club, mainly because they didn’t pay ANY of their bills. Eating there was good in the beginning of the season, close to the end, he was cleaning out the freezer, no telling how old or in what condition the food was, but served it anyway. They pulled every trick in the book, just question Adele(?), she was the mastermind behind most if not all of it. Greedy, to no end. Looks like PA isin’t an option any longer either. What goes around comes around. They deserve what happens.

    1. You people are all so disgusting spread all your rumors and lies it doesn’t bother us say what you want yes karma does go around don’t forget all your karmas will remember all of you to don’t worry keep spreading lies doesn’t hurt me

      1. Man-o-man Adele….Don’t you see everyone knows the truth already.

        Sorry they took your cars. Why? Oh wait, let me guess what lie you are going to come up with for that one….

        Remember, this is ALL public record (Yes, even repossessions!)

  8. Dan and Sue and family

    To the Presta family I am thrilled that you are back. All of the negative and malicious comments are coming from people in a CORRUPT AND MALICIOUS town who obviously thrive on businesses failing. You have to belong to the Brigantine political “click” to survive in this town. They do not like out-of-town residents (shoo bees? Ridiculous) even though our taxes pay for their ridiculous local salaries and afford them their carefree lifestyles. They frown on success. But this is not about that but the fact that I have eaten in your new location LaGrotta in vent or twice in the last week, and it was delicious. Giancarlo is fully focused on his new establishment and that is evident. I love a comeback story and people who appreciate food will notice the quality. I guess this proves that hard work and family love and support is a recipe for success. We wish you success in your new venture.

    1. You are so wrong. I am sorry you are so blind about this. everything (tons of civil cases against them for failure to pay their bills, repossession of their vehicles, etc) is public record. just go here:

      …and enter “Presta”. You will see pages of OPEN civil cases against them (Adelina and Giancarlo, along with Adeles parents!) from CREDITORS looking for their money back! They are common criminals who deserve everything that is being thrown at them now.

  9. How very sad for the Presta children to have to read how bad it’s gotten and try to defend their parents. Adele pretty sad it’s come to this. You know these aren’t lies. Everything is Public record if anyone questions any of these people and what they have to say just go to new Jerseys website for court and type in Adelina Presta or Giancarlo Presta it’s all there all the cases against them there is a big list. You can’t hide anymore and pretend you aren’t evil. Evil is using people and not paying your bills!! I hope your kids learn from your bad behavior and don’t grow up to be as dishonorable as you are!! Shame on you!

  10. Oh wow finally a place where people can comment on how horrible the Presta’s are. Maybe a little justice is being served back at them for cheating and lying to a lot of people. I looked at all the cases against them I guess I’m not the only one that they ripped off, but I won’t air that on here I’ll just wait til our court date and let my attorney do that. Can’t screw people when you live in a small town and not expect for this to come back. Must be hard looking over your shoulder all the time wondering who knows.

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