Featured Post from Patrick Costello: Facebook Foul

Facebook Foul. By Patrick Costello, author of the Brigantine best seller; ‘Greenhead Politics‘.

Brigantine Now strives to be a positive influence on the community, and in my work I am mindful not only to be as fair and unbiased as possible, but also to maintain that standard of positivity. A seriously community-minded website should address relevant issues and always seek to avoid descending into the muck and ugliness of name calling and personal attacks.

However, sometimes addressing an ugly issue is the only way to serve the community. If it cannot, or should not, be avoided, it must be faced, no matter how uncomfortable it may make us. It is for that reason that I apologize in advance for the journey into depravity on which we must embark.

The recent controversy over the comments made by local educator and lieutenant of the Brigantine Beach Patrol Fran Masino on his social media page should be a matter of concern to all Brigantine residents.

For those fortunate enough not to have been exposed to his obscenity-laced diatribe, I offer the screenshot of Masimo’s actual Facebook posting.

[envira-gallery id=”25560″]

Unfortunately, the censorship required to make this suitable for a family website, as if such language could be considered suitable in any setting, makes this tirade a bit hard to decipher. However, minimal effort is required to immediately recognize this for what it is: a fairly typical internet rant, full of bile and impotent rage. That in itself is nothing so unusual. Anyone familiar with the internet knows that public posting sites are chock full of angry adolescents with limited vocabularies and unlimited time. Bad grammar, profanity and the bravery of attacking by keyboard are the usual state of affairs online.

With that said, when something so heinous is posted by a person entrusted with the care and education of our children, we have progressed beyond harmless internet “trolling” and have encountered a situation that requires further attention. Not only is Fran Masimo an area teacher, but he is also entrusted with a leadership position on the Brigantine Beach Patrol, which is also somewhat youth-oriented. For someone holding such positions of responsibility to conduct themselves so outrageously in a public forum raises serious concerns, or at least should.

Put aside the language for a moment. Ignore the hostility and even the implied threat at the end. The real concern in this case is the extremely poor judgment displayed by a man who not only teaches our children and protects our beach-goers, but who also holds a significant amount of influence with the leadership of Brigantine. Everyone is certainly entitled to their feelings, and nobody likes everyone. That is simply a fact of life.

But the questions must be asked: Is Brigantine truly well-served by placing an individual capable of such poorly considered acts in a position of responsibility? Are the students who are influenced and affected by him every day truly being educated properly?

Facebook has in the past been connected with several cases of online bullying that have resulted in tragedies. Many members of the online community have taken steps to prevent further occurrences of such situations. At a time when the children need positive role-models to emulate, Fran Masino’s post bears a striking resemblance to many of the instances shown to have been connected with documented cases of what is being called “cyber-thuggery”.

Simply removing the offending post is not enough. It is time that teachers and persons in positions of responsibility start setting the proper example, and that city officials who protect and show them patronage take the proper action when something like this occurs.

Patrick Costello, Author of the Brigantine best seller; ‘Greenhead Politics‘.

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9 thoughts on “Featured Post from Patrick Costello: Facebook Foul”

  1. My employer informed me when I agreed to work for them that they WILL monitor Facebook, etc. and have the right to discipline or dismiss any employee should that employee be an embarrassment to the company. Their motto is “You represent the company 24/7/365”. “Any inappropriate behavior is subject to review which may result in discipline or dismissal”. Doesn’t Brigantine’s employment code incorporate such language? This is an island and survival depends on marketing and rants by city officials is “Poor Marketing”. Is Brigantine out of touch with 2014 standards?

  2. “Is Brigantine out of touch with 2014 standards?”

    The real concern in this case is the extremely poor judgment displayed by a man who not only teaches our children and protects our beach-goers.

    Below is public Facebook post from Brigantine lifeguard / High School English teacher that works for Mayor Guenther; Fran Masino:

    “M** was an a**hole when he tried to suck H****** S****’s **ck, and S**** didn’t even recognize him because M** is a toxic cu*t. Go f**k yourself somewhere other than Brigantine. M**’s an ass. I grew up and (sic) Philly and tried to listen to him on the radio but he sucked donkey d**k….by the way you cu*t, don’t f**k with my island AND I AM REALLY EASY TO FIND IF YOU WANT TO RESPOND!””

    I wouldn’t trust this fool to take care of a hermit crab. This guy is a teacher in Brig? Unreal…

    “but who also holds a significant amount of influence with the leadership of Brigantine.”

    I don’t know about any of that, but even if it’s 10% true….. you are getting at the “you can’t make this stuff up” department

    And the city wants to hire *more* firefighters? Not transition to, at least, a partial volunteer dept? Heck, I bet it’s time to buy some brand new police vehicles.

    Is it just taxpayers who see this all as a mass cluster-fluff? (yeah, i toned it down). The politicians, and the old boy network (how long has the mayor been there?) don’t they see the hot mess the island is currently in? or sadly, perhaps, they don’t really care….

  3. RW: this Fran Masino was the President of the Brigantine Republican Club.

    The Mayor is republican. The Mayor is also his boss at the High school where Mr,. Masino works.

    And the Mayors brother was the chief of the Brigantine Beach Patrol, Mr. Masino’s boss on the Beach Patrol.

    Such is the old boy network in Brigantine.

    Mr. Masino will probably be rewarded with a job promotion.

    That’s how they roll.

  4. Looking at the screenshot, it shows that the post was edited. That means he actually read what he wrote, thought about it and went in and made changes. And THAT post, he was happy with. Wow.

    Where is a reaction from his boss from the school, or from his boss with the city?
    Oh, that’s right, both bosses are the same guy.

    Our MAYOR.

  5. Mr. Knobbs said it best, and most simply. Look, I’m not shy about foul language. I was a high school teacher and a social worker, working with at-risk teens. So I’m not specifically concerned about those stupid, stupid words. It’s disgusting, it’s vulgar and it’s childish, but sadly, these days, few children are spared this type of garbage. My real concern is to the broader issue of this man’s mental stability, his impulsiveness, his tendency towards sexual violence and threats, and how that correlates to his work as a teacher and a supervisor of life-savers. While I know many hot-head young boys who might spout off on the school-yard in such an unrestrained way, it is very unusual for a grown man, particularly one with some education, to react so publically, in such a guttural and primitive way. It is a clear manifestation of some deeply disturbing anger issue, probably mostly latent since his adolescence. Most likely the result of some unresolved inner conflict that developed during childhood. I would not be surprised to learn that he was the product of some significant abuse as a child. Given his specific choice of words and the manner in which he brought them together, I’m going to assume this was abuse of a sexual nature. It does not excuse his vulgar diatribe, but it may explain where it comes from. This man should be released from his positions of trust and sent into rehab immediately. In his current state, the man is a powder keg with the potential to explode without notice. God help the politician who knowing this, decides to give him a pass.

  6. Wow! Just wow! I have long advised that when a person puts ANYTHING on ANY PART of the internet, including email, they need to understand that it might as well be SKY WRITING. Ask David Petraeus or Anthony Weiner.

  7. I was looking thru Brigantine’s school district and government web sites and do not see a current “Ethics” or “Code” displayed anywhere. The school districts web site indicates it is being updated or under construction. In reading some of the old code, isn’t there a conflict with school personnel holding a government position too? From what I read, it addressed compensated or not. Suggestion to the School Board and City government, get the code out there post haste and make sure everyone abides by it. There are minor and major offenses punishable by law when an individual compromises the code

  8. As a retired School Teacher of 35 years, I do find it appalling to read the comments of Mr. Masino on his Face Book Page. His language , as used in this day and age crosses all lines impropriety. At times, I too have been incited by comments made Brigantine Now. At times it’s down right funny, misinformed and often or not precisely to the point, however for Mr. Masino to attack him in this manner and use such offensive vocabulary , suggests that his superiors should take immediate disciplinary action.

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