FEMA Flood Map Error Found

According to a report in the Beachcomber News, a typographical error in FEMA flood maps that affected much of Brigantine has been corrected, after Brigantine City Engineer Ed Stinson found the error and brought it to FEMA’s attention. An area which had been designated Zone AE10, which would have required livable areas to be raised 10 feet above sea level, will now be mapped as Zone AE9.

“According to the estimated insurance rates provided by FEMA, lowering the base flood elevation by 1 [foot] will decrease flood insurance premiums by as much as $3,000 for properties with floor elevations of 9 [feet],” Stinson said.

“This is a significant change that will have a positive impact on most of the island by lowering the base flood elevation from 10 to 9 [feet],” Stinson said in an email to City Manager Jennifer Blumenthal.

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