Fire Department News – November 28, 2012

Brigantine Fire Chief Holl
Brigantine Fire Chief Holl

The City of Brigantine Fire Department responded to 61 fire and 51 emergency medical service calls during the two weeks ending Nov. 18.

The fire calls included commercial and residential fire and carbon monoxide alarms, a controlled burning fire, an outside fire in a bulkhead, a dryer fire, multiple natural gas leaks both inside and outside of residences, a water leak in a residence, motor vehicle accidents, arcing electrical power lines and other downed electrical and utility wires, smoking electrical transformers, electrical equipment and wiring arcing and smoking inside of homes, a water rescue, a reported capsized boat, an overheated appliance motor, an animal rescue, a gasoline spill, assessments of structural damage due to flooding, as well as assisting with EMS alarms.

On Sunday evening, Nov. 11, the members of ‘A’ platoon, under the command of Capt. Joseph Maguire, responded in Engine 3 for a report of a bulkhead on fire behind residences on Horizon Lane.

Upon their arrival, they met with a neighbor who said he saw flames and poured some water on them to control the fire spread. Lt. Daley and Firefighters Simpson and Cohen used a water extinguisher and a fire attack line to wet down the bulkhead and surrounding dune grass and saw grass, as well as miscellaneous debris that was smoldering and still red-hot. Once the fire was controlled, members began to dig around the bulkhead, and found more fire that was deeper down in the bulkhead, below the sand line.

Members continued to wet down the entire area of the bulkhead, digging down until there was no longer any flame damage visible, and checked up and down along the bulkhead line to make sure there was no sign of any other fire anywhere else.

The EMS calls included cardiac emergencies; respiratory emergencies including a respiratory arrest; medical emergencies including syncope (lost consciousness) and cerebral vascular accidents (strokes); traumas caused by falls; household accidents; fight violence; industrial accidents and motor vehicle accidents causing amputation, lacerations, abrasions, suspected fractures and dislocations, swelling and contusions; cardiac arrests; psychiatric emergencies; a reported water rescue as well as assisting with lifting and moving patients.

On Saturday afternoon, Nov. 17, Firefighter-EMTs Klemm and Hopkins responded in BLS Rescue 2 along with the members of ‘C’ platoon, under the command of Acting Capt. Tige Platt in Engine 3, for a report of an unconscious and unresponsive victim lying outside in an alleyway.

The patient had an extremely low respiratory rate, and members immediately began rescue breathing with the bag-valve mask device and supplemental oxygen, as well as using an oral airway to keep the airway open. While being transported to AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center, the patient completely stopped breathing, and the Rescue 2 crew continued with their efforts.

After treatment from members of Paramedic Unit 1, the patient regained consciousness while arriving at the hospital, and is alive today due to the efforts of these members of our department.

Recommended repair guidelines

With so many island residents being affected by flood waters from Tropical Storm Sandy, the Brigantine Fire Department recommends the following repair guidelines issued by the City of Brigantine Construction Office for affected properties.

Immediately remove all drywall, wall coverings, fiberglass insulation, etc. to a level approximately 2 to 3 feet above the high water mark at a minimum. Remove all carpeting and any fiberglass insulation from floors and floor joist cavities that were submerged. It is extremely important to promote drying as soon as possible to prevent mold and further damage.

If you haven’t done so already, shut off power at the breaker panel to any outlets or wiring affected by flood waters. Once dry, remove and replace any electrical devices that have been submerged. Any electrical connections that have been submerged should be cleaned and inspected by a certified and licensed electrician. All electrical service equipment (meters, breaker panels, and disconnects) that have been submerged must be replaced, without exception.

Also, it is recommended that any appliance that has been submerged by flood waters be replaced, including but not limited to heaters, water heaters, washers, dryers, dishwashers and refrigerators, as well as electric baseboard heaters. Although an affected appliance may function now, sooner or later the electrical wiring and motors will corrode and cause a fire hazard.

It is recommended that once dry, all submerged wood framing be treated with a wood preservative (Cuprinol, etc.) to help prevent future deterioration. Before installing new drywall, exterior walls should be re-insulated with R-13 insulation and floors with R-19 insulation.

It is recommended that crawlspace vapor barriers be replaced and crawlspaces be evaluated for mold or mildew by an experienced contractor.

New website

The Fire Department website has been renovated, with much of the work being done by Firefighter-EMT Zach Laielli. For fire prevention and safety tips, and information about our department, visit and click the Fire Department link.

We would like to thank all of our residents that stopped by the station after the storm for all of your support and good wishes and thanks for the members of our department. Your thoughts, words and gestures will not be forgotten by our members.

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