Flounder Still Found in Brigantine

The Fish Finder is now running out front. Capt. Joe Fumo reported that on Tuesday, they ran to the Great Egg Reef. Anglers had a ball reeling in up to 20 flounder each. They had quite a bit of shorts, but managed to take home half a dozen. Spearing and squid were definitely the bait of choice.

Fumo said he still has plenty of spearing in stock. This time of year he said he doesn’t think you will find it in any bait shops.

The Fish Finder is only running one trip a day for six hours out front on inshore reef sites. The schedule will be Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The trips are still fishing flounder until the end of the month, then sea bass until stripers start.

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1 thought on “Flounder Still Found in Brigantine”

  1. So many predawn mornings I went out into the creeks at Brigantine and pulled up my breakfast. Flounder. Beautiful tasty abundant flounder. Glad to hear it’s not extinct from local waters.

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