Footgolf Debuts June 13 at Links at Brigantine Golf

Hybrid of Golf & Soccer

FootGolf makes a South Jersey debut at Brigantine Golf Links.FootGolf, which combines the popular sports of soccer and golf has debuted at the Brigantine Golf Links. To play FootGolf, athletes use soccer balls on a traditional golf course with 21-inch diameter cups. The rules largely correspond to the rules of golf.

The Brigantine FootGolf Course has 18 holes built within the front nine of the course and is designed to be able play both traditional golf and FootGolf simultaneously.

FootGolf uses golf’s basic model including tee boxes, greens, bunkers, hazards and 18 holes of play. Scorecards display par scores for each hole as in regular golf.

The sport is governed by the Federation for International FootGolf and has grown primarily internationally.“We’re excited to bring this new sport to our golf course,” explained Nathan Robbins, General Manager at The Links. “It’s a perfect fit for our facility.Our 18-hole FootGolf course is incorporated into our front nine and FootGolfers play in regular rotation with our current traditional golfers.”As a former soccer player with 20+ years of experience in the golf industry, I am fascinated by the combination of the two sports. I am able to be outdoors playing an enjoyable game while getting a good deal of exercise. I think this sport is a winner,” Robbins added.

The sport is played in the traditional format of up to four players per group with FootGolfers either walking the course or using golf carts. Holes are roughly half the distance of a regular golf hole. While the soccer ball doesn’t travel as far in the air as a golf ball, it will roll much farther in the fairways.

“The Brigantine Links topography lends itself well to introduce FootGolf,” says Roberto Balestrini Thompson, CEO and Founder of the American FootGolf League. “Theirs is a service-first facility and we’re very enthusiastic about getting the sport off the ground in the greater Atlantic City area.

RATES (Walking)WeekdayWeekend
Junior (13 – 17 Yrs Old)$15$25
Youth (12 & Under)$10$15
Add $10 per person for power cart rental

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