Former Brigantine Police Chief Scrutinized Over Motor Vehicle Accident

The Atlantic County Sheriff’s ‘Hope One’ vehicle, allegedly driven by a former Brigantine Police Chief, was involved in a controversial crash.

According to Atlantic County Sheriff candidate Joe O’Donoghue, the Chief Warrant officer for the county was behind the wheel at the time of the accident.

According to O’Donoghue, the current Chief Warrant officer for Atlantic County is a former Brigantine Police Chief. (Tim Reed).

O’Donaghue made those allegations on-air, during appearances on both the Harry Hurley and John Demasi WPG radio shows. LISTEN TO CLIPS:

Tim Reed Atlantic County Brigantine

Damage to the Hope One vehicle was approximately $15,000, that’s according to documents obtained by Harry Hurley of WPG Radio.

There are many disturbing issues about this crash that I’m not prepared to reveal at this time.


See Atlantic County’s insurance adjuster’s estimate itemizing total repairs needed.

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