Former Brigantine Solicitor Speaks Out.

Letter to the Editor…..

My name is Tim Maguire. I am the former solicitor for the City of Brigantine.

This letter is written in response to an article that was printed in the Atlantic City press on Thursday January 17, 2013. The article insinuated that because I live in Brigantine I was awarded contracts by City officials even though I was not the low bidder.

Such a claim is false. I was the low bidder for every contract I received. I was never awarded a contract in Brigantine when I was not the low bidder, not once. In fact, I was replaced as solicitor at the beginning of this year even though I was once again the low bidder for the position.

The Press article was off base. This letter is not meant to criticize the new members of council. Andy Simpson, Lisa McClay and Joe Picardi should be given a fair amount of time before the community judges their actions.

However during the last several years many half truths and inaccurate statements have been stated concerning Brigantine and the politics on our Island.

Now I am free to respond to them and to misleading stories in the Press of Atlantic City.

Tim Maguire

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1 thought on “Former Brigantine Solicitor Speaks Out.”

  1. Will the no alcohol on beach laws be enforced this year in Brigantine especially at Roosevelt Beach for the locals? Any weekend you’ll find locals sipping beers out of covered cans and bottles while drinking screw drivers out of 16 oz red plastic cups. Gets messy after 3 pm. I understand the driving privileges the local citizenry have by having a Jersey license tag affixed to their car, but the flagrant drinking is disturbing. We see articles all Spring and Summer about no alcohol on the beach and the locals are the biggest abusers! Wanna bet?

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